Boomkin BG, and Ninja capping with ME, solar.

Trying learn how to make videos, here is my 2nd bg video, figured out how to do the music.. What do you guys think?? Any tips on what to do different, or anything you see me doing wrong?

Also ninja capping Farm with Mass Entangle, solarbeam, vortex..
Nice Ninja cap haha! Next time though, don't trinket mortal coil lol. Also in the first video, you should pop starfall every single time its off CD.
Ya i noticed i didnt use starfall vs the lock either, ive turned up the opacity on Doom cooldown pulse to see it more often.
I liked the video but your announcement mod is super annoying.
What was the addon that was bringing up the spell icons real big?
doom cooldown pulse is an addon that puts up a fat icon of an ability that comes off CD. Its nice to have so you dont need to constantly track longer cds

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