Single Target Healing With SoTF

Lets say that i wanted to apply a SoTF boosted HoT to a tank.

Would it be better to hit them with a Rejuv, or refresh the Lifebloom.

Assuming the rest of the raid is taking no damage, would Wild Growth still be a better option?

Just wondering.
Well for a guy who's strictly using it this tier (so far) I can say that for practical reasons I will opt for RJ the majority of the time.

Just tested this flasked no food self buffed -

RJ ticks 23,838
LB 3,474

WG is never an option of your raid isn't taking any damage.
rejuv especially once you get the 4p bonus that makes each tick tick harder, on the ptr my final rejuv tick was for ~45k.
It's best to do a SotF'd rejuv as if you do LB the problem is it'll be refreshed back to normal the next point you cast a direct heal on them. I'm assuming it's the tank. And in which case you will be casting nourish and regrowth's on them during this time. but most times, even if no damage just do a sotf'd WG anyway, due to the fact damage MAY come and also the WG will hit the tank anyway!

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