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Currently on low/med pop server with frankly, less than appealing guild prospects. I'm a head bartender by trade, so I don't want to spend my evenings on Vent with drunks and stoners (no offense drunks and stoners, you pay my bills). I support your right to your politic views, personal freedoms, responsibilities and to have trading cards of your favorite political party, but don't want to sit in Vent listening to how much of a demon/saint Obama is. RP is interesting, but a little creepy too. I'm to the point that all my toons are in my bank guild and it's level 16 from playing solo throughout Pandaria. I've got an 85 in every class and several 90s, haven't set foot in a current raid since the long summer of Dragon Soul, have never been in an arena team or rbg; that's missing a bunch of content! All toons are DPS specc'd, frankly because I don't want to be 'that guy' in LFR that has no idea and bottoms out the heal meter or doesn't know a tank mechanic.
Two characters are running ToT LFR, four could by the end of any given week, currently working on PvP sets for my ret pally and balance druid. I'm free most evenings, and am looking to take that next step up in the game. I've heard great things about Lightbringer and the level 1 I ran into Stormwind picked up some hope from trade chat, but wary of dropping a couple hundo to transfer toons. Obviously, I'm not looking for a core heroic progression spot, just a group of WoW players that enjoy the game. A guild of people that know what wowhead is, don't beg for gold, yet respond to one another and actively try to improve their game. Suggestions?
Contact my self or zilphah in game we are looking for people and we are looking for a tank in our core raid team
Max threat is in need of more for 25m raiding we raid wed/thur 7-10pm server we are in need of dps an heals if you would like to chat look me up in game ty
<All Shall Fade> is a lvl 25 guild just recently xferred to Lightbringer. We are in the same boat as you as far as raiding goes. We are in the process of building up our ranks so we can raid, pvp and do rbg. We have a variety of members all adults but the one key factor is I not only consider this a guild but also my family. We work together as a unit and help each other out. I also agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that it is just that "Their" opinion. My biggest pet peeve is respect if you can't respect your fellow guildies or other players in that matter I don't need you nor do I want you. Would love to talk more to you about this and would love for you to seriously consider joining us. We all have to learn somewhere so why not learn with people that are all on your same playing level. Please feel free to contact me in game on Ismíra or Cassielle. I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck
Hey there! We would love to add you to our ranks! I have been in the bar business for 20 years and understand where you come from. Come check us out we are a good group of active indivduals with that do a myriad of things. Talk with me, Lyzha, Pamares, Tersican, Pocahotus, Ethion, Brewslee or any of our members really I think you will like what we have to offer.
Omega Cyberthrust IX is looking for dps or skilled heals, preference to mages, but we'll take whatever you enjoy playing most.

Raid times are 3-8 server on sunday, and 5-8 server monday and thursday.

Things to know:

We don't have much tolerance for people who are going to throw fits over loot. We're here for progression if you raid then you should be too. We are currently still filling our roster, so patience as the guild stabilizes is required. However we are very close to filling the roster right now.

5.1 we were a 10m with 6/16 Heroic cleared, and we are transitioning to 25m due to the inherent problems 10m has such as inevitable composition issues and loss of progression days from 1 member being unable to make raid.

We are currently 4/12 on this tier in 10m, and 1/12 in 25m.

Mechakoopa#1694 - message if interested otherwise good luck in your search!

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