Best gear for level 90? (PvP)

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Well im about to buy panderia so i can get to lvl 90! and i was wondering whats the best gear u can get for pvp? so i can farm honor or whatever it takes to get the gear!
well i started off with a bs making my pvp set then i woorked on my honor points to get better gear after i got that gear i started to run 2v2 and then i got some of the best gear in wow for pvp.
The best PvP gear you can get comes from Conquest Points, which are gained primarily through Rated Battlegrounds or Arenas at the level cap. Secondarily, you can also earn small amounts of Conquest Points per win from Random Battlegrounds or the current Call to Arms Battleground, or do the new PvP dailies at the Isle of Thunder (or whatever it's called), which will net you 50 Conquest Points (total) upon completion.

The second-best PvP gear comes from Honor, which can be obtained primarily through Battlegrounds, and the world PvP events such as Wintergrasp and Tol'Barad. Secondarily, you can also PvE for Justice Points, then convert them to Honor at a 3:2 (Justice:Honor) ratio at the Justice Point Trade Goods vendor in Orgrimmar. And, if you're sadomasochistic, you could attempt to farm Honor solely from World PvP.

The bottom-line PvP gear is the easiest to obtain, and comes from crafting. These are the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's and Contender's sets. The Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's set is VERY slightly better (AFTER gemming), but also counts toward your 2/4 set bonuses from your class' and spec's PvP gear.

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