Grey Riding Camel

Hey guys, been farming the mysterious camel figurine for the grey camel lately and have had no luck with finding the one that ports. I am requesting aid!

If anyone could help me out with either x-realm looting or what not please do not hesitate to post! Thanks!
I dont understand why anyone would willing give up their camel and just hand it over to someone else... but w/e. Anyways just look late at night on Weekends or Early morning
i was lucky enough to get this on 9/18/11. i def dont miss looking for those damn things. addon gathermate2 and gathermate2data helped me track thier spawn locations.
is this still findable?
Mounts pretty gay but pretty kewl title.

Hilary Duff would be so disappoint. For shame.
It is "findable", just a lot harder than it used to be because of cross-realm zones. You're now battling with however-many-other-realms-that-can-join-your-realm to find the figurines.

I'm also on the hunt for him - found so many dudes before CRZ, and I've only ever found 1 since then...

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