*LNC* 10-man late night LFM

Area 52
*LNC* is a level 25 10-man raiding guild currently looking to recruit core spots for our progression team. We run Tues-Thurs 12am-3am server time (EST).

Our recruitment needs are as follows:

Tanks: Non-DK

Raider Expectations:

--Our progression has taken a hit due to inconsistent raiders, so we expect anyone applying to be able to make the raid times on a fairly consistent basis.

--As far as gear requirements go, our only requirement is that you can put out the DPS/HPS/Threat, etc to stay consistent with other raid members in that role.

--We expect all raiders to be competent, knowledgeable of their class, and raid-aware. We also expect all raiders to have a general idea of the current content we are working on (i.e. knowing general strats/watching vids).

We are a mature guild (vent does slide past the R rating more often than not). Please keep that in mind when applying. We are a fun, competent group overall, but we like to take raid times seriously for progression.

If you are interested, please send a mail to kikkilee, lownwulf, taido, or evs. Thanks!!
Hey Relics......at the moment, we only have one dps slot available for a core spot. We have rotated in the past, but only once we get a more consistent group.

I have responded back to those who sent me mails in game, thank you for your interest...Good luck Relics with ur new guild...And still looking for a tank and healer!!
Bump! Still looking!
Hey guys this is Sivíx, I just recently xfered over here from Hyjal and im looking for a late night guild. I am not looking for a permanent spot just a sub spot or throw me on the back burner my schedule is hectic do to real life but If im ever on and you need me for a raid Id love to come :D please send me a message in game or reply to my post :P

Gamer tag is Shaneypoo#1850
What's the guilds current needs, if any?
Hey Sameer..we are currently in need of a tank for our 10 man group.....You guys run our times 2 if I'm not mistaken....What days?

@ Sivix, gonna add ya, backups are always welcomed!
Bump for updated needs...Come on tanks, I know you're out there!!^_^
I'm no longer with cult and am contemplating switching back to my beat tank as main. But he has some gear catching up to do.
@Sameer, if ya want, feel free to hit me up..Can't hurt to chat =)

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