[H:RP/RP-PvP]The Dawnfury Concordant, 501st!

Moon Guard
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Hanging around Quel'Thalas' capitol and villages, an amber sheet of paper hangs upon walls and posts. Golden lettering engraved deep into the paper, gilded borders around the edges, and an emblem of a rising sun over a red landscap catch the eye of the passerby.

"This war shall only end in blood, and we shall ensure it is the blood of our enemies." Arch-Commander Alorinis Bloodarrow

The Dawnfury Concordant, officially the 501st regiment of the Thalassian High Military, stands as the vanguard for the defense of Quel'Thalas. We devote our lives to the laws and safety of Quel'Thalas, standing alongside private militias and mercenary companies for its betterment.

As this is an official military regiment of Quel'Thalas, and not privately owned, we march at the call of the capitol only. We do not strike out on personal campaigns, nor those of finacial benefit. We act only as a weapon and shield of Quel'Thalas, as none other.

The mission of The Dawnfury Concordant is two-fold, and requires the aid of all soldiers to complete this mission. We ask for the heart of the soldier so that we may turn it into an unstoppable force for Quel'Thalas, and in return we give unto that soldier a home and protection of the regiment.

The first mission of The Dawnfury Concordant is the defense of Quel'Thalas, to always ensure that its borders remain safe and unbroken. In this calling, we remain stationed in Quel'Thalas when not on campaigns. We return to Quel'Thalas at any moment, should war approach its borders; even if we must leave another campaign mission to do so.

The second mission of The Dawnfury Concordant is the betterment of Quel'Thalas interest, within and beyond its lands. In this regard we train our soldiers in varying skills beyond combat, and use those skills to assist Quel'Thalas. We take travel outside of Quel'Thalas only when called upon by the capitol, and only for so long as it deems.

The Dawnfury Concordant strives to create a home for soldiers, and in return give them a life they wish to have. Any work a soldier may wish to do, can be found within the regiment, and we only ask in return that you fight for Quel'Thalas. Everyone is a soldier in The Dawnfury Concordant, and you shall never be alone on the battlefield. Espionage, law enforcement, ambassadorial work, research and development, and medical practices are all open fields to soldiers. Any other fields may be created, if the soldier can not find their desired lifestyle.

The regiment is open to enlistment of all races that wish to assist Quel'Thalas, anyone who so deems to become a soldier of The Dawnfury Concordant may call Quel'Thalas their home.
To our kin, the Sin'dorei, you only need submit your application and see it approved.
To our friends, the Horde, you need submit your application and, following its approval, complete one campaign with us.

As the dawn rises, so does the fury.
Your basic information about the guild
Full information can be found at Concordant.enjin.com

Those wishing to join
  • Sin'dorei: Put in an application at our guild site, and get it approved. Then get inducted by anyone of Champion or higher rank.
  • Non-Elves: Put in an application to our guild site, and get it approved. Then join us as an uninducted soldier, and complete one RP-PvP or D20 campaign to become a full soldier.
  • Quel'dorei: Put in an application to our guild site, and get it approved. Then take in the fel taint by a third party source, and get inducted by anyone of Champion or higher rank.

  • Ranks
  • Prime Dawn
  • Consul
  • Champion*
  • Warden
  • Dawnkeeper
  • Dawnborne
  • Uninducted
  • * denotes that the rank requires a trial to obtain

    Based upon your IC fighting style and weaponry choices you will be assigned a new class upon joining. These are for the coordination of Squadrons and distinguishment between RP classes. These classes also determine your special ability to be used during out D20 events.
  • Chaplain (Holy and Discipline Priest, Holy Paladin)
  • Mistborn (Mistweaver Monk)
  • Naturalist (Restoration Druid, Restoration Shaman)
  • Knight (Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior)
  • Devastator (Retribution Paladin, Fury and Arms Warrior)
  • Brawler (Brewmaster and Windwalker Monk)
  • Wraith (Enhancement Shaman, Combat and Assassination Rogue)
  • Shapeshifter† (Feral and Guardian Druid)
  • Reaver (Death Knight)
  • Stormwarden† (Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman)
  • Blood Mage* (Fire Mage, Affliction and Destruction Warlock)
  • Warmagi (Mage)
  • Corruptor (Warlock)
  • Noctimancer (Shadow Priest)
  • Outrunner (Hunter, Subtlety Rogue)
  • * denotes a class reserved for Elves
    † denotes a class reserved for non-Elves

    Upon joining the regiment and achieving the rank of Defender, you will be chosen by a Squadron to become a member. These operate as our groups in RP-PvP and give you your specific purpose in battles, as well as filling most of our PvP events.
  • Squadron I "The Regiment" (lead by Commander Eleneill Sunsword)
  • Squadron II (unlead and unused)
  • Squadron III (unlead and unused)
  • As more soldiers join and more strategies are devised for combat, more Squadrons will be created and given under jurisdiction of a Commander.

    Upon joining the regiment as a full soldier, you are expected to join a non-combat unit to work with. These operate to fulfill out second part of the mission to Quel'Thalas, and focus to give us events and fun non-campaign RP.
  • Research Organization (lead by Marshal Sophysa Dar'thiel*)
  • Espionage Syndicate "Shades" (lead by Commander Alerion Flamearrow-Arshun)
  • Enforcer Squadron (lead by Champion Valecia Dawnweaver)
  • Medicant Association (lead by Champion Seylandra Sundance)
  • Ambassador League (lead by Champion Akalias Skydancer)
  • * denotes one undergoing Champion's Trial
    If no existing Unit fits what you'd like to do off the battlefield, we can create a new one. The requirements are for you to achieve the rank of Champion, and present your new Unit idea with at least five other interested soldiers.
    Who Leads
  • Guild Master: The Guild Master and IC leader of the guild is myself, Alorinis Bloodarrow. I've been on Moon Guard nearly since it began, although my history in the RP-PvP community did not begin until Wrath of the Lich King when I worked with the Dark Sun Legion as it's Commander. From there I've been in multiple guilds, and have tried to incorporate all of my favorite parts of each guild into this one.
  • Officers: Standing with me by controlling one IC portion of the guild and maintaining general OOC control are my officers. They assist me in all aspects of leadership, and are some of the best people you can find. We are always looking for more officers to join us in controlling the guild and making it a better place. As long as you can show you're dedicated, and create something that can benefit us, we have a place for you.
    Currently my officers are:
  • Eleneill Sunsword-Bloodarrow (Arms)
  • Alerion Flamearrow-Arshun (Rest)
  • Adrya Blackdawn (Discipline and Training)
  • I have others currently going through the process to attain the Commander rank and begin assisting us as well.

  • What We Do
  • RP: Obviously, this would be our primary way we spend time. You can almost always find us RPing around Silvermoon, or wherever our campaign happens to have us. We're most active later at night, from 9pm till about 3am, but we usually have at least 5-10 people on at any hour.
  • PvP: Due to the nature of the guild we are an RP-PvP guild, meaning we do a good amount of PvP for events. Off event times though many of our members like to PvP through varying means, and they love company. If you have questions about PvP, I'm sure one of them can teach you.
  • PvE: We are not an RP-PvE guild, though I wouldn't be opposed to it, but many of our members do love to do some raiding or dungeons. Obviously we do LFR every week, and groups are often formed. Heroic runs go down sometimes as well, but if you like them, we got people who like it too.
  • RBGs: Currently in development by two of our members, they are hoping to form an RBG group soon. If you're interested, come on in and speak with them.
  • Raiding: We got nothing. No one has approached me about it, or shown interest in setting them up yet. If you like how the guild sounds, and also like raiding, feel free to bring it up.
  • I personally do not lead the RBGs or Raiding portions of the guild, as I wish more to focus on the RP aspects and events. With this in mind, they can be lead by any member, be they Premier or Commander and will have no affect on your IC stance; unless you actually find a way to make it IC. If you got a realm first raiding kill in a guild raid team, we'd make it IC and call it canon.

    What We Look For
  • Solid RPers: This does not mean we expect you to be an all-knowing lore machine, nor someone who RPs 24/7. If you are one or both of those two, well done. We want you to be able to back up your RP and lore. We are accepting of the off-common RPs, as long as you can back them up with real lore and sense; and yes, we will tell you if it does't work and will help you to make it so it does if you'd like.
  • Chill people: We like our members to be rather relaxed folks, not people who seem to be on a caffiene empowered IV drip. Our guild chat can get a bit racey, as we deem it uncensored, but we're not here to offend. So if you hear something in guild chat that you're offended by, we don't expect you to go off on a rant about how improper it is; instead, we expect you to inform the speaker(s) you are offended, and request they move the topic to another chat form. If you're one of those offending speakers, we offer an alternate chat channel where you can talk about anything. We really don't care what you say there.

  • As I said at the top of the post, full information on our guild can be found at Concordant.enjin.com for you to browse. If you have any questions, we ask you to look there first. If you can not find it there, ask myself or one of the officers. If we can't answer the question, then I have no idea what you could possibly be asking but we'll help you somehow.
    There, three pages. I think it looks rather nice.

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    You can all count, I'm so proud of you.
    Love the post! Very professional looking. ^^
    WE CAN COUNT? Oh damn. Hey guys, we are smartz.
    Very fantastical post! Loved the read, one of the most enjoyable guilds I have had the pleasure of being part of :)
    Guild cute reporting in.
    Green fire warlock reporting in.
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    Back to the top, thread.
    The research wing rocks too, getting ready to rp some very rare recipes and consumables. My favorite rp guild to date, no drama, just nice people and fun.
    The research wing rocks too, getting ready to rp some very rare recipes and consumables. My favorite rp guild to date, no drama, just nice people and fun.

    Hmmmmm...what kind of recipe's and consumables?
    Guild cute reporting in.

    imma flay u
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    Guild cute reporting in.

    imma flay u


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