[H:RP/RP-PvP]The Dawnfury Concordant, 501st!

Moon Guard
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/Troll cuddles for Falias.
A little sad to see my quote cut out, but its not my baby anymore I guess.
I would join....


But Seriously your making me think of playing a Belf..
I love you guys <3
I am cutest cranky.
We have someone in the guild who can make elixirs of dream vision. Already had him make 20 and we are currently making more. Should be interesting.

03/19/2013 10:24 AMPosted by Valecia
The research wing rocks too, getting ready to rp some very rare recipes and consumables. My favorite rp guild to date, no drama, just nice people and fun.

Hmmmmm...what kind of recipe's and consumables?
God I just have to figure out now where Research can legit use them. I don't want to waste them in an area that's low level and rather easily explored anyways.

In the end.... Is there anything but ourselves?
In the end, there is only me.

Move out the way old man.
In the end.... Is there anything but ourselves?

Some don't even get to have that.
I desire coffee.
I desire coffee.

That's my line.
03/21/2013 01:25 PMPosted by Schwert
I desire coffee.

That's my line.

Can has share?
You heathens can have your coffee.

/noms chocolate.
...I want some chocolate >:|
/Runs through the thread, spreading troll love everywhere.
Alorinis is a nice guy and also apparently a qt?

Oh and I guess they roleplay too~
Not as qt as me.

I am qtest elf.
There needs to be more hours in the day...so I can sleep longer and not feel like I've missed something important.

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