[H:RP/RP-PvP]The Dawnfury Concordant, 501st!

Moon Guard
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Well, ok.
-offers foot-
Be gentle, I have sensative heels.
/nibbles Alorinis

Hmm....blood elves really -do- taste like chicken...
That's Hawkstrider, yo.
Same difference.
*hangs head* Gooka...

What will you do for the homeless children of Silvermoon?
/takes over Alorinis' fort, hanging a sign on the outside that says "No Elves permitted."


-sets the house on fire, walks away-
/cry, abandons fort.
Rollin' Rollin'
Rolling in the river!
Solea, are you partaking again?
You sound like you're partaking.
Rolling with the homies.....

Hai homies. You gonna die tonight homies!
Formin' Families and Friendships...

And having people break into my house.
You're house is now the possession of Quel'Thalas.
There is no third ammendment to protect you here.
You WILL quarter soldiers.
But what if we don't want to stay in Aelakor's house? Spiders >.> Nty.
I cleaned the spiders out.

/offers troll equivalent of a pinkie finger for a pinkie swear.

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