[H:RP/RP-PvP]The Dawnfury Concordant, 501st!

Moon Guard
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I had to save the best song for my own guild.

What what? What? What? What? What?
What? What? What? What what?
~Dope beat in the background~

I'm gonna kill some Alliance, only got twenty arrows in my quiver.
I-I'm hunting, looking for a Worgen, this is fricking awesome.

Walk up into the war like, "What up, I got a big army."
Nah I'm just pumped, got some rift from the barrel bottom.
Fire on the head, so damn toasty.
The people like, "Damn, that's a flaming Elf."

Rolling in hella deep, heading to the Isle of Thunder.
Dressed in all red, except my bow that's gold.
Draped in some battle gear, soldiers standing next to me.
Probably should of washed this, smells like Garrosh's sheets.

But Hell, it was ninety-nine enemies!
Frick it, copin' it, washin' it,
Bout to go and get some reinforcements,
Passin' up on those soldiers someone else has been fighting with.
But me and Lor'themar likin' it, I am stunting and flossing it.
I am saving my kingdom in the war, and that's a bargain yo!

I'ma take your leader's head, I'ma take your leader's head.
No, for real though. Ask Berenal, can I have his head and crown?
Thank you!

Armored suit, and some house greaves.
Dingy brown leather cap that I found, dig it!

They had a broke crossbow, I bought a broken crossbow.
I bought a slaughtering blanket, then I bought a slay-board.

Hello, hello. My ace mark, my fellow.
Halduron ain't got nothing on my archery game, Hell no.

I can take some dragon's wing, make them cool, sell those.
They had to be like, "Ah, he got the black flight."

...what did I just read.

I like to call that.... Battle field.
I like to call that.... Battle field.

I like to call that... Genius.

Well then.
Enforcer event tonight. Be there or laps like Lor Lor!
Wat is dis doin on page three.

You will all pay at training.
Nobody mess with Ael.

Nobody mess with Ael.


Messing with people, how could you?
Nobody mess with Ael.



My hair!

My hair!


You act like it was actually acceptable before I messed with it. It's much better now!
I need to write our guild page for that Moon Guard wiki deal...
I need to write our guild page for that Moon Guard wiki deal...

*Furiously types up her wiki*
Enjin site has been updated!
What what?
*races through thread* FOR GREAT JUSTICE!
I have claimed all your benches in the name of the sun.
I find it funny that the spontaneous RP-PvP event we set up with Order of the Golden Hawk in two hours turned out more often that events are when we do like a week of planning.

Maybe every major event should just be done on the fly.
Marginal victory against Order of the Golden Hawk!
On to Shattrath!
The Dawnfury shall not take the Sin'dorei Lord who chose the correct path and fealty.

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