DoTS presents: A Spring Fling Tonight at 7:30

Moon Guard
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A sealed golden envelope bearing the insignia of The Dominion of the Sun has found its way to your door, delivered via courier. Enclosed is the following message...

<Dominion of the Sun> Will be hosting a Spring Fling on the 12th of April at 7:30 PM, at Farstrider Retreat. You are cordially invited to attend. Our Spring Fling promises to be as memorable as the Fall Gala we once hosted.

Events will include dancing, food, music and special entertainment. A prize drawing giveaway will occur at the conclusion of the affair as well.

It will be an evening fit for all ages, and guests are encouraged to bring their families and children. A caretaker will also be available should you decide to indulge in drink or dance.

It is our desire to honor the men and women that we serve with on and off the battlefield. We hope to see you there! <------- Your IC invitation

Hello Moon Guard! In an effort to continue being a part of the community and to expand RP in the social aspect, we'd like to invite you all to our Spring Fling to be hosted at Farstrider Retreat. This event is intended to be an open social event to everyone H-side. The event will begin at 7:30 PM. Along the way there will be several events, including: Contests, sports, dances, and several opportunities to win over 5,000 in gold prizes, JC pets and others, as well as a chance to win Ruby Panther or Sapphire Panther!

Our schedule is as follows:

7:30 PM - Drinks, Music and Opening Feast- Sign-ups will begin for the tournament contest as guests begin making their way to the event. At this time everyone is encouraged to go out and make new RP contacts, as well as partake in the opening festivities. The feast will be taking place on the lower floor in the dining area as well as just outside the Retreat.

8:00 PM - Circus Style Comedy Act - For your enjoyment, we have employed prestigious entertainers for tonight's event. Villiard and Vasile, the Winterblight brothers with their "Tricky Wolves" present: Circus Style Comedy act!

8:15 PM - Sword Dance- Those that attended the Fall Gala and saw Terenus Dawncreed's Sword dance will be delighted to know he will be returning with a new sword Dance! At this time, the final entries for the tournament will be taken. If you have not signed up by 8:25, then you will not be able to participate in the contest.

8:30 PM - PVP tournament - Guests will have a chance to test both their luck and strength in the fighting contest! Our ring will be just outside by the steps of the Retreat. If you're not in the pit, you can still come and cheer on your friends and rivals in a friendly competition! All participants will be allowed a stage name and an entrance paragraph to be shouted in their honor! Prizes will be given out and are as follows: 1st place will be awarded 3k, second place will be awarded 1.5k, and third place will be awarded 500g.

9:30 PM - Pet Raffle - As the dances and the tournament come to a close, guests will all have a chance to win a pet to add to their collections! This will be held in the center of the Retreat.

10:00 PM - Speech - Volanaro Ael'aran, acting Sovereign of the Dominion, will gather all guests at the balcony of the Retreat to offer a toast/speech to those in attendance. It will be short, we promise!

10:15 PM - Fireworks - At the conclusion of the speech will begin a grand fireworks show.

10:30 PM - Panther Drawing - Following the fireworks show will be the panther raffle, where guests will be able to win one of two panther mounts held at the balcony of the Retreat. Only those who signed up will have a place in the drawing. There will also be a toast in honor of the winner's luck! At the conclusion of this event, the Spring Fling itself will come to a close.

All roleplayers of Moon Guard H-side are welcome to join the festival, regardless of whether or not you've interracted with our guild in the past. We encourage you to join us for a great time!

Do I have to sign up or pay an entry fee?
Absolutely not. You can show up and participate whenever you desire.

Is the dress code formal or casual?
It will be a formal dress code for those in attendance. Whatever that may be for the respective races in attendance.

Rules for the PVP tournament?
This contest will be on a sudden death basis. One duel per pair. The only items allowed in the tournament are what are allowed in arena. This is to ensure that the event will run along fast and smoothly. Only DPS specs are allowed for the tournament.

Rules for the Pet Raffle?
Each Horde toon signing up for the pet raffle must be a minimum level of 20. This is to ensure that you will at least be using the toon and give those mains a chance to win the pets.

Rules for the Mount Raffle?
Sign-ups will last until 9 o'clock. No late entries. You may not sign-up and log off until the mount raffle. We will take note and make sure that entrants have actually participated throughout the event before the drawing. However, we do understand short breaks from the game, as the event will last a few hours. Each Horde character must be a minimum level of 90 if you wish to sign-up, and must not have the mount on any toon since we now have account-wide mounts. This is to ensure that those signing up do not try to AH it off after they have won the prize. We will be checking achievements! We will also ask the winner to equip the mount as soon as they receive their prize.

Contacts: Volanaro, Anashae, Colius, Syrinthia.

Special Note: Griefers or role-play trolls will not be eligible for contests or prizes. Good sportsmanship is important and makes it fun for all.
Ve make good entertainment for you to enjoy.

Volf pups is very good at trick!

You come to fling of spring and have fun. Yes? Da? Good.
Good luck! May have to bring an alt just for this.
*Looks through closet*
How in the world do I decide which dress to wear?
I'm going to have to find something suitably embarrassing to wear. It's just hardly a Dominion event if Hal doesn't razz Vol at least once.
*Looks through closet*
How in the world do I decide which dress to wear?

Girl you and I are having the saaaame problem.

I do not even know where to begin.
Time to make Ethel all pretty and stuffz too I GUESSSSS.

-goes through her hidden closet of dresses-
-stares at her assortment of formal clothing-

Everything has holes in it. WHERE DID ALL THESE MOTHS COME FROM?
Peace shall be.... enforced.
ooh, the elves are throwing a party

i may have to pay them a visit~

I'll be there!
How lame.
I'd so be there if your guards didn't bring out the stabby swords for us blue-eyed folk. :(
We hope you guys have a great party, and hope it all goes as planned.
Sadly we'll be out in the Storm Peaks on a campaign and freezing our buns off.
So drink twice as much for us!
I wish I could raid the other ladies wardrobes so I could figure out what the hell to wear.
I gotta say I'm a big fan of the rest of that photobucket album.
gotta say I'm a big fan of the rest of that photobucket album.

It is a good photobucket album.

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