DoTS presents: A Spring Fling Tonight at 7:30

Moon Guard
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I wish I could raid the other ladies wardrobes so I could figure out what the hell to wear.

I keep a supply of pretty clothes and dresses in a vault. I have plenty of spares laying around if you want to borrow something.
Roll alts to come! Also, I hope we got that photobucket thing taken care of, rofl.
I am tempted to go with a Sleeping Beauty effect. Bring multiple gowns of the same model in blue and pink (at least), swapping them out every few moments so my dress appears to shift colors as I dance. On a levitated cloud, of course.

Too much?

On a serious note though, if anyone is looking for a particular dress or formal item just pst me or post here and I'll check to see if I have it around.
I gotta say I'm a big fan of the rest of that photobucket album.

Well, there's my jollies for the evening.
Ve make good entertainment for you to enjoy.

Volf pups is very good at trick!

You come to fling of spring and have fun. Yes? Da? Good.
If I can make it, Hal will be maintaining his "no casual clothes" policy. Because coffee.
Vol, I'll only go if you will be my date. :P
Lmao. Going to have to tell Anashae to set it to private since our april fool's banner has been revealed.
Now with sweet haircut.
Can't wait! We're looking forward to it! :)
What is that hair even..

oh my lord. I can't stop laughing.
What is that hair even..

oh my lord. I can't stop laughing.

I saw nothing out of the ordinary. >.>

Glad you guys enjoyed it. Photobucket recently changed how they handled that whole privacy thing.

I guess that I need to come up with a new April Fools joke for the guild now. I was going to put that banner up without telling the guild on our website!

I can't decide if I should start up a new 'work' or what. A little help please?

AND.... Come out for our party. No one rocks it like Dominion Rocks it. We're hosting one of the blow out parties of the year for Horde on Moonguard.

If you're in a rp horde side guild and would like a formal invitation in the mail in game, please shoot me a message when I am on. If you're in the alliance, roll an alt and come for fun. We do have level caps on the prizes though, in order to keep things fair. Just a heads up on that!!
And for the record, that is what happens to blood elf hair without good hair product. (This is classified information, no meta-gaming allowed.)
Replace all the people with Colius Rabbit.

Change the name to "Dominion of the Moon" and put up nelfs.

Replace all people with Boomkins.

Add rainbows.

Change all hair to multi-colored rainbows.

Military hats on everyone - dixie cups, combination covers, 8 point caps.

Hippie style everything.

Dominion of the Bellareve.

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