LF Tank/Heal Sat/Sun 9a-12:30p (EST) 495iLvL+

Guild Recruitment
<SCH> aka Street Corner Horde, a semi-hardcore raiding guild since 2006.
Our Website: http://www.schguild.com/
Our WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/gorefiend/SCH

The Situation
As GM of <SCH>, and our raid leader up until patch 5.2, I've started a new job that only allows me to be available to my crew, raiding sake, on the stated topic title dates/times. They're continuing on with another great leader I've built to have in my place and now I've got to continue getting my raid fix.

The Culture of <SCH>
The established culture of <SCH> is ZERO tolerance for ignorance, taking pride in all aspects of what you do for raiding, and most importantly we do what's fair and best for the raid/guild, NOT the individual. A no sacrifice, no victory mentality...

Our Needs
One Tank: Non-block based - DK/Monk/Druid

Healer: We need a dual purpose healer with a primary dps spec but with a good decent healing offset. We would really prefer to have a shadow priest w/ a holy set.

    *495iLvL+ Equipped (No exceptions)

    *Solid Gaming Machine & Internet Connection

    *Ventrilo w/ a WORKING Mic

    *MoDs: DBM / oRA3 / and what's applicable to your role

    *Experience in raiding heroic content is a +

Contacting Me
Contact me via battle.net ID @ TNBF#1501 or Cynderella#1460
Or visit our site and post a topic there.
Cynderella#1460 you can speak with as well.
Check us out!
LF One Tank & Heals...
LF A Primary Shadow Priest dps w/ holy offset
Still need a solid tank/dps
Solid non-block tank, and a primary DPS w/ a solid offspec heals *Priest Pref*
Seeking to fill these positions by next Saturday, March 30rd.
I am online and available, as well.

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