<Wardens> Is Recruiting Raiders!

Greetings potential guild mates!

Wardens is currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria raiding. We are raiding 10 man content, with a 10 person core of raiders. Your family, friends, and alts are also welcome to join as social members and do alt/social runs.

Raid times will be 7:00 - 11:00PM PST (server)

Raid days will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Depending on available content and what we are working on, if we are close to downing a new boss there will be a single day of extra raiding and it will be on Monday. Monday will be our cleanup day.

This is a reformation of a guild that did end game content starting around heroic ICC. The founders of the guild have cleared all content from past expansions and have experience leading guilds. We have been raiding from 60-90 and have seen all boss encounters.

Mumble is required.

What we need:

Tank : 1 Druid or Warrior

Healer : 1 Holy Paladin

DPS: 1 Fury Warrior, 1 Rogue, 1 Fire Mage, 1 Survival Hunter, 1 Balance Druid, 1 Shadow Priest (Disc Off-Spec), and 1 Elemental Shaman

WotLK Progression:

ICC - 10H: 12/12

ICC - 25: 11/12

RS - 10: 4/4

RS - 25: 3/4

Cata Progression:
BWD - 6/6
Throne - 2/2
Bastion - 4/4
Firelands: 6/7H (Pre Nerf)
Dragonsoul: 6/8H

What we would not mind: People who are interested in a more backup raiding role, filling in holes when needed, but often running with alts & socials, etc. Basically people who are good enough to help out when needed, but who know they probably won't be in the main raiding group for most boss every week.

And remember Be Mature , positive attitudes, and being social doesn't hurt either.

Feel free to ask any question you might have here or talk to myself(Gorthezar) or Vyndus in game with any questions or apply at www.wardens-kj.wowstead.com
Still looking for people
In need of Healers(HPally) and Dps(Mage/Hunter/Boomkin/Ele Sham). We are looking to start ToT progression ASAP. PST for more info.
still in need of a hunter?

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