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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey everyone!

Nocturnus Vexillari is a long-established 10-man raiding guild on Dath'Remar(Oceanic). We have committed and made the decision to transfer to Barthilas on Monday, 25th March 2013 to enjoy a larger and more active community. We are a tight knit group of players who not only like to challenge ourselves on tough content, but also have a lot of fun doing it!

Currently we are 1/12HM ToT
We have cleared 6/6HM MSV 6/6 HM HoF and 4/4 HM in Terrace.

We are looking for some players to fill core roles within our 10-man group. This is a rare opportunity within our team

Paladin - Holy w/ Ret off-spec
Warrior - DPS w/ Tank off-spec
DK - DPS w/ Tank off-spec
Also interested to hear from any exceptional players even if the class/spec you play is not listed

Who you are
- Reliable and able to arrive at scheduled raid times
- Eager to research raid strategies and have excellent raid awareness
- Completely committed to your class, which also means being able to play your off-specs comfortably at a high level
- A positive player with a can-do attitude, open to constructive criticism; take ownership for your mistakes and work to fix them quickly
- Able to learn on the fly, learn quickly and have some common sense

What we can offer you
- A stable raiding guild in which the members have been raiding together for multiple years, paired with a solid officer core
- A guild that is laid back and knows how to have a good time, while still being focused on progression and improving our play
- A guild that is comprised of like-minded players that enjoy all aspects of the game
- An enthusiastic approach to raiding where our group strives to always improve

Raid times are
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday 7:30pm-10:30pm ST (may go over 10:30 from time to time)

If you think you fit this role head over to http://nocturnus-vexillari.enjin.com/home and apply!

If you have any further queries, please contact either Insanicshamy, Killdruid or Duskrunner in-game!

looking for exceptional players :)
Bump :)

looking forward to reading more apps!
Great group of people (for the most part.. :P ) and an equally solid team of raiders!

Best of luck in your move to Barth guys ^.^

We've successfully transferred to Barth!

Still in search for an awesome holy pally!

We're looking for a great holy pally & warlock! :)

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