Compy Stomp

There aren't nearly enough of these things to meet the needs of the many players trying to do the quest, and that of course means a lot of bad feelings between players. As far as I saw there were only like 2 spots where they would spawn (one group at a time), and those spots were constantly being camped. I tried to group with people, but no one wants to deal. We just want to get the quest done and move on. So could you please look into the spawn rates for these?

Also would be a lot kinder to make the requirement 9 instead of 10, seeing how they spawn in groups of 3. And that meat debuff doesn't seem to work. Not a single compy showed up after I had meat applied to me by the troll (fetish binder? i forget).

I agree, this quest is terrible as is.
It is an horrible quest, waiting 20min to kill a single raptor left, ty blizz.
Agreed. I tried it for the first time this morning. I ran around for 30 mins and could only find and kill 3.
This quest is currently impossible.
increase the spawn rate already!!!
I haven't had trouble with the quest, but I've learned side areas with compys that people in the main area overlook.

For example, hunt around the edges of the area, particularly near the gate that goes to the central path/steps.

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