Two questions about the chamberlain quest

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1. Are the body parts intended to be rare spawns? I have had a very difficult time finding them even after running around 10-15 minutes. I do realize it is a weekly quest so it might be intended that it is difficult to complete.

2. Are the body parts supposed to despawn? I saw one part in the mogu area and killed about 5 mobs on my way to it. I was keeping my eye on it and didn't see any players there going for it. When I had finished fighting my way there, the part was gone. I'm sure I didn't see another player.
1. The parts are instant spawn, or so it seems. When someone else loots it, the position changes. There seem to be 6-8 places that each can spawn. The minimap is marked with a little cogwheel that shows where the part currently is.

2. They don't despawn to my knowledge, until someone loots them. They may be on a despawn timer but I didn't notice anything like that.
Ugh.......this quest is making me nuts lol. I'm going to do the PVE daily today rather than my normal PVP to get the Saurok costume so I can get to the top of the mountains; it's the last part I need and I'm having a hell of a time getting up there lol.
I'm tempted to not put him back together really... He is kind of mean and keeps talking about enslaving me.

That and it seems to be impossible to find any other pieces. When I have seen them I've been killing mobs around them and someone runs up and grabs them before I'm done.

Awesome quest
Yeah I've seen a few cogwheels but they usually get picked up long before I can get to it. This one is frustrating to the point where I'm better off just dropping it.
They spawn in specific areas.
Hair is in the stage 3 area.
Staff is in the troll area.
Torso is in the mogu area.
Shoulder is in the saurok area.
I managed to do it Tuesday. Im told its a weekly. Im never doing it again. The reward isn't worth the aggravation.
I managed to do it Tuesday. Im told its a weekly. Im never doing it again. The reward isn't worth the aggravation.

This. ^^

Not even any rep, and I can get stones elsewhere. Worthless.

OP, I did manage to do it, and I really couldn't tell whether the items were only there for me, or for other people too. I know some say that only one person can get it, but I definitely saw others trying to get to the same spot I was lucky enough to get to in the Saurok area. You'd think if I was the only one able to loot it, they wouldn't still try to get up there, right? I don't know how that works in the end...

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