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AS I sit on this fine Indiana morning (18 degrees here this morning), and prepare myself for another fun filled day at work. I wonder how everyone else is doing today. So how is everybody doing today?
Hail fellow hoosier!
Hail fellow hoosier!

Howdy there. Go IU.
Go IU.

Awww, now we can't be friends. :(
Awww, now we can't be friends. :(

Meh, I am more of a Bulldogs fan myself. Don't watch much basketball outside of that. I am all football and INdycar here (though I am a white sox fan.)
Assuming you're from Goshen, lol.

I am from South bend!
Assuming you're from Goshen, lol.

I am from South bend!

No Elkhart.. Goshen just sounded better as a name for a toon. lol
Lol, I'll agree with that!
Fair to middlin' here in south Texas. Allergy season in full bloom. Yesterday I noticed my white car was turning yellow and made a note to wash it down this weekend. Lo and behold, it rained early today and all the puddles have thick yellow edges.

I take a spoonfull of regional honey every morning to help with allergies - anybody else trying that? Honey is good for you anyway, all those extra vitamins in bee spit, yanno.

Surprised myself by doing two chapters of my fanfic this month - over 2,000 words.
03/20/2013 07:55 AMPosted by Aengeal
Fair to middlin'

Wow. I don't know many folks other than me that uses this term.
Oh yay! More Hoosiers!


Edit: Go Dawgs!

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