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I think those are all excellent suggestions, specially the Poisons one, cause I too sometimes forget to refresh them (the same applies to Shamans):
Not having to reapply the poisons would be nice.
Nah! Seriously, ever since Blizzard made our poisons 1 hour, I actually like that because I now use that 1 hour timer to calculate my playtime!!!

That is exactly how I calculated the amount of dailies I wanted to do per day! As soon as I started my first quest, I would apply fresh new poisons. 1 hour later, I would re-apply it again, and just as my 2nd batch of poisons were about to expire, I knew that it was time to take a break and stop for the day!

I know... I know... I could just turn on the Stopwatch or something. But come on. It's 1 hour now!!!! How can a player not keep an eye at their buffs at least once every hour?

I think the 1 hour timer needs to stay because it's good practice so players will learn to always keep an eye on their buff timers! Players who don't keep an eye on their buff timers tend to be baddies. :P
The 1 hour duration doesn't bother me. It's in-line with most major buffs.

I rememeber when poisons were a sub-professions for rogues, and we had to find or purchase mats and level up the skill to even get the poisons.

And they didn't last an hour either. And they disappeared on death and had to be re-applied.

Compared to all that, our magic 1-hour poison "buffs" are Easy Street.

Yes, I know, uphill both ways to school in a snow storm, but still...

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