DK, Mage, or Paladin????

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I can't decide which toon to play, I hv my 90 Dk that I don't know if I should gear or not and I hv my lvl 29 mage (almost 30 about 2 bars left) who I enjoy and then I have my level 60 paladin...

I don't know what to do!!!! What I want is to be a !@#$ing boss in PvP so basically the real question is.>>>>> should I hear my DK and just PvP then or should I level my mage to 90 or get my paladin to 90??

I reall appreciate your answers and this is a serous thread so all u ^*#%ing haters please don't post anything.

Btw I am going to be in school till 12:30( im 17, lol and not fat) so I won't be able to see any posts till then and again thanks!!!
Here is my opinion, based on my experience. I'm in no way close to a pro, but here I go

I main a DK. I like soloing old content with ease, I like his class mount, I like that he is easy to play.

I hate him in pvp though. I feel like I'm squishy as hell unless I'm in blood presence, and if I am in

blood presence I do less damage. It could be just that I'm bad, but thats how I felt about pvping

as a DK.

For mages, I hated leveling my mage around 50 so I stopped, can't give you much info on that.

What I can tell you about pvping mages though, they require more skills to play than a DK for

sure. I have a mage friend that pvp's a lot, and when I queue bg with him he carries an entire

team of bads (including me). Probably one of the best dps you can choose in pvp

Paladins I know holy pvp is great, otherwise I have no idea
i hear frost mage is good for pvp..
Roll a DK, you can do A LOT more things as a DK.
Mage, you can be blizzards favourite class
Frost DKs and frost mages are both good, and will never have a heavy nerf. Blood dks also hit very hard for a tanking class.
What I want is to be a !@#$ing boss in PvP so basically the real question is

A class choice alone is not going to make that happen.

There is no "I WIN" button.

The best choice will always be....


If you enjoy the class then it will easier for you to play. Which in turn will be the class you will get to know the best. In the end giving you the class you will be good at.

Sure there will always be a FotM classes/specs. But playing one without any real interest in the class. Will only result in playing a FotM with no understanding or skill. Which will not make you better. You will remain mediocre.
Mages if you wanna be top dps always and forever.

Pally or DK if you want to have fun.
Thanks for the replies, I think I'm going to just level Mage then switch back to dk and get gear over and over...

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