Misfit Toys (10m) weekend raiding LFM.

Misfit toys seeking 1 heals and 1 DPS for our tight-nit, core raid team. Seeking excpetional players, whether it be your main or an alt, to fill a couple spots. Raid times are currently sundays 7-11pm. We run old content and bg's on fridays at 8pm, and are in the process of doing RBG's saturday nights.

Misfits are a newly transferred guild, who has been running content together actively since DS. Most of us have been active players since vanilla.

If you're seeking a home for raiding weekends, even if it's just an alt, I encourage you to send me a tell in-game.

me and a friend are looking to move our pallies over to arthas and looking to get into a raiding guild....my pally is a ret pally with a ilvl of 472 and his a holy pally with a ilvl of 475...if interested please feel free to add me at iskoshi#1186...ill tell you everything i know
bump for a good group of people
Hey, I am currently 11/12 on my druid and am looking for a solid raid group fro my hunter only thing is I can only raid until 1025 on sundays Hit me up in game just /who Jt I'm almost always online. fridays I can make np
We're also looking for casual players looking to group up for dailies, random bg's, or whatever else. whisper me or add me on battletag Oatsm226#1314

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