[H] Do What Yer Told 7/12 10m LF Tank/RDPS

We are currently seeking Tank and/or Shaman to fill out our roster.

Guild Name: Do What Yer Told
Website: www.dowhatyertold.com
Server: US-Arthas (PvP)
Raid Size: 10 man
Raid Times: 8:30-12:30 EST (5:30-9:30 PST)
Raid Nights: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Total hours per week: 9-14
Age Restrictions: 18+

Current Progression:
7/12 Throne of Thunder

Last Tier Progression:
5/6 H MSV
3/6 H HoF
4/4 ToES

Recruitment Status: High Need
Warlock or Shadow Priest
Tank (Warrior, Paladin, Druid)

Will consider all other exceptional applicants that apply :)

Formerly known as Methodic, we now have reformed as Do What Yer Told. We reside on US-Arthas server and are currently 7/12 Throne of Thunder. We are going into the new tier with the mindset of a progressive top 5 guild. If you are of a like mind-set and are looking for a progression guild that gets raiding done in a short amount of time please apply. If you do not see your class listed still feel free to put in an application; we are always looking for exceptional players. If you have any questions and or comments please use the contact form below. NOW DO WHAT YER TOLD!

If you have any questions in-game, please contact Notfound, Chucknurish, and Mytheious
<3 :)
Still looking for a dps
Need 1 good dps still
White sox will win their division this year
I am currently looking for a tanking spot!
3of12 now great job all. still need that good tank or dps..
feel free to toss a app in. www.dowhatyertold.com
^ what she said
Tank please
Peeps please.
smells like chicken in here.
Bump da hump

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