(H) Discipline healer looking for raid team.

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Discipline priest looking for a 10man raid team, preferably towards the night.

Time schedule: I am not able to raid on Weds from 8pm-11pm EST time; Friday from 6pm-9pm EST time; Saturday from 8pm EST to 3am EST; Sunday from 6pm-9pm EST. I am able to raid at any other time. Looking for 2-3 night weekly raid team.

Experience: My raiding experience started in Wrath and continued until MoP, with a few breaks in between. I have downed all T11 content when it was current, and I downed Rag 10man in FL a week after the nerfs came out. I tend to be critical about my own performance, constantly tweaking and adjusting myself to perform at a higher rate. And this is what I expect my other raid members to do as well. I have done 4/6 MV but I have not progressed any farther in Tier 14 content.

What I'm looking for: I am looking for a relaxed, friendly, 10man raid team who is able to perform at a decent level. This means, I do not wish to run with people who are not able to grasp the concept of their class. I also do not wish to be in a raid team where the chances of being seated are high, due to min-maxing a fight or a skill issue. I am also seeking a raid team who will be there from start to finish; this means I want a long sense of friendship and commitment with each other.

I understand quite well that Tyrndal's gear is under par for what most raiding teams are interested in. But, I can promise you that I am a hardworking player who desires nothing more than to have fun, kill some bosses, and walk away happily at the end of the session. Let me know if you are interested in me: Kalastin#1388 is my battletag, or contact me in the forums.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this. I hope you find it pleasing.

WoWarmory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/garona/Tyrndal/simple ; Yes, I understand my gear is not gemmed/enchanted at the moment. This will change shortly.

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