Druids vs Rogues for gathering, help please?

Im on a pvp server currently rolling my Rogue and a Druid and. im want to do skinning and leatherworking one and mining and herbalism on another.

Now i have 460 herbalism on my rogue so far but im not sure whether or not i should make my druid have mining and herbalism instead of my rogue.

What im thinking is druids benefit for gathering skills like mining and herbalism for their instant flight form but rogues can make good gatherer's on pvp servers from sap and blind and etc to steal ores herbs or prevent opposing players from stealing your ores and herbs. But druids can also make good skinner because they can gather mobs and hurricane them down.

Could i get an opinion on this please?
Well, Tauren herb faster and Druids have flight form...
You should definitely give your druid herbalism. Flight form makes it *much* easier, and being a Tauren on top of that....
You want flight form for herbing/mining. If you make a Tauren druid you will take herbalism nodes faster then a mob near the node or player can attack you in most cases. For mining instant flight form will save a lot of time in the long run as opposed to the cast time of a mount for everyone else.

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