How do i make gold with Tailoring/Enchanting

Hi guys, i just want to ask how you guys with tailoring or enchanting make gold. I'm new to professions and i don't know what to make and sell.

I power leveled Enchanting yesterday to level 600 and spent over 8k gold :'(
I want to make it up for that lost precious 8k...

Please share your experience and help another poor soul to have decent income with above professions.

Cheers and Thanks
Buy vellums, which are available at a merchant by the trainer, and place your enchants on those. You can then sell those in the Auction House. Just make sure that you sell the scrolls for more than the cost of the materials used to make them. If they don't sell for more then sell the mats instead.

As for tailoring, I make most of my gold with it selling Netherweave bags. I can usually double or triple my investment costs for netherweave cloth and rune thread. It's not huge profits but it is a profit nonetheless.
Thanks Higeki, really appreciate your comment. Keep it coming guys, need more useful advice.
Disenchant absolutely everything you can, and either hold on to the mats or sell them. You might be surprised how much a stack of old enchanting mats still goes for. The rep-gated enchants (Dancing Steel, Jade Spirit) sell, but maybe not as quickly as things like Power Torrent used to; they're expensive, and the people most likely to want them (raiders) have guildies who can do it for them much cheaper. But I sell a few a week to people who are impatient like I am.

For tailoring, spellthreads and bags sell. I'm still selling (when I remember to do it) illusionary bags, which are now much cheaper to make since volatiles are cheap, but which still sell for approximately what they did in late Cata. Crafted PVP gear sells to some extent as well, especially if nobody else is selling any.

Obviously different servers have different markets, so yours may be different. Always look before you invest in making a bunch of something.
Cheers buddy!

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