Want to sell Jeweled Onyx Panther

Hey guys, I am posting this because I am trying to find someone to sell my Jeweled Onyx Panther. I have been putting this in trade chat, but people seem to not like the price. I am currently setting the price at 90k gold, but I am willing to negotiate. I am on the Vashj server on the alliance side. If your on the horde side, I can sell it to you through the Neutral AH.
Might be better to advertise on your own server for this since there's multiple servers these things sell for 40-50k on because of dupers. Won't find anyone willing to transfer for something they can just buy for the same price or less on their own realm.
Someone was advertising several today, one for as low as 50k gold, 22k below the cost of vendor materials.

High end mounts sell extremely slowly. You may recoup your cost but in the future remember that JC's make their gold by selling jewelry and gems. Good luck.
I understand that there are people duping this and selling it for a lower price, but I understand that you also can get in serious trouble for getting involved in that. I am currently selling the Jeweled Onyx Panther at 80k gold and still willing to negotiate. If anyone on the server Vashj wants to buy this please let me know and we can definitely work something out.
Use your server forums for this, not the profession forums.
I can't say anything about duping, but these things are also used when server transferring toons with too much money. Since there is a gold cap on how much you can bring with you, people will buy up expensive commodity items (like these mounts) and resell at a loss to themselves on the other end. So that might be part of the problem.

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