Dailies: Valor cap give more options

Give us more options blizz for dailies you reach the cap thats easy 1k a week is very easy to do well you dont get anything you should have an option to choose I want 20 justice instead of the 5 valor.
I am capped in a week easily on 3 characters since you also get the bonus for your other characters.
More gold some justice points maybe some honor points something else.
Ya, it sucks with only 1000 a week, I hit that in 3 toons in 2 days, well 3. Now it feels like I am being cheated doing dailies for no valor....I need to do dailies to get XP, but I do not get valor, maybe more xp or gold or something. Rather have valor cap expanded.
TLDR: Actually reward players Blizz. Don't give us nothing because we've hit a cap.

I whole-heartedly agree. I hadn't been bothered by this until just now when I did the intro-scenario/quest to Stage 2 on the Isle of Thunder. My quest reward was 25 valor... no, wait, it was NOTHING except 19g, since I'm already capped from doing my Isle Dailies every day since patch, all the LFRs available, Normal MSV and HoF, and random dailies for other factions.

Some usable item like the Argent-Tourney teleporting tabard would have been useful... or just one that has some RP effect. Or at the least you could be converting excess valor we earn every week to gold like you have when you stripped our valor during each new content release in Wrath.
Just completed Champions of the Thunder King. Quest reward: 150 valor reduced to NOTHING due to valor cap.

That's messed up blizz.
would gladly take a gold bonus for every valor point over the cap.

20silver each valor imo would work well that is extra gold per daily.

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