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Earthen Ring
Dear Earthen Ring,

Cerulean Nights would really like to have just a very few more members to raid with. Our raid nights are Wednesdays and Mondays from 9pm - 11:30pm.

Please let me or Nosleep know in-game (via mail) or here if you'd like to play with us!

We've managed to clear the first three bosses so far... and are looking for a 4th healer and maybe a dps to add to our roster. Ideally I'd be looking for a druid or a disc priest. Also, I only have one dk on the (mage, druid, rogue, dk) token, so another dps on that token would be welcome.

Thanks for reading,

Edit: updated times

Hi folks, Updated our raid times to 9:00 pm - 11:30pm mondays and wednesdays. Currently working on Amber Shaper in HoF and Horridon in Throne of Thunder. Come play with us! ^_^

Hi, it's me again. Looking for a healer this time. Well, we got horridon down, working on council now. Looking for people who enjoy playing whatever it is they're playing, lost a few to people who put too much stress on themselfs and burnt out. It's just a game, so come play with us! ^_^

Do you require said healer to leave their guild? >_>
Not necessarily. We would like to get guild credit, but that leaves us with 2 spots for people who really love their current guilds for social reasons.

Bumpity. Edited my main post again, with new raid times and what I'm looking for. :)


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