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We gave up and paid to transfer to make paying to play include all of the content. Prior server did not have 40 Alliance raiders who had killed H Stonedogs by this patch.


Apparently, we are all to be punished if we happen to be on a realm that used to have higher population and no longer does. We paid up. It appears to be the only solution.
03/11/2013 06:26 PMPosted by Omegal
no middle ground. Either make him like nalak/sha. Or

While at it, can you please please make him not kitable to graveyard. quite frankly, the zerg strat is insulting to his design intent of actually being difficult. Galleon was a failure. Lets not make oondasta one too. This boss is a great fight if you actually do it correctly (actually spreading out, tank swapping using threat alone and no taunts like good ole deathwhisper days) and using Cds to survive the cone. CRZ will reduce number of people in area some. Making him not shared faction tap would be ultimate fix though (sorry, but 100 people leeching loot and barely even doing 200k dps to boss while killing everyone trying to do fight right is also not very productive).

There is no middle ground. Either make him like nalak/sha. Or make him like he's supposed to be, doomwalker/kazzak. right now he's just a large repair bill sha/nalak that gives everyone loot for doing fight wrong.

Blizz is trying to innovate here. This isn't everquest, you want open raid bosses taggable by just one raid...make a it a dps race...like in everquest.
I can totally understand wanting to make a world boss interesting, difficult and fun.

But with Blizzard's decision to allow cross realm transfers, faction transfers, etc, and thereby, destroying any balance some servers might have had in terms of population, it only makes this more difficult.

PvP realms that are greatly outnumbered by the opposing faction will not be able to complete this level of content, not because they aren't skilled enough to, but just that the opposing faction will just consistently out number theirs.

Blizzard, by implementing something like CRZ you obviously took note of a serious issue in which most of your servers are completely unbalanced in terms of population. Doing something like this really neglects those of us who are on the lower pop side of our factions.

I'm truly considering just transfering to KT so I can actually get my weekly quests in. !@#$.
03/11/2013 06:40 PMPosted by Zinstorm
I love how the tool that supposedly was to save dead servers has a million and one caveats to it. I mean I personally couldn't care less as we can field plenty of people for them but it's downright comedic how absolutely terrible CRZ is and how absurd Blizzard tries to go out of their way to claim it's not.

I really really dislike CRZ naysayers that don't even reilze what CRZ was meant for and what it wasn't meant for.

If your gonna hate something at least know about the thing you dislike instead of being illogical.

Yeah, CRZ does a fine job of making zones seem more lively because there is so much instanced content these days and thats where pretty much 90% of the full playerbase is at any given time. It does what it should be doing, and thats completely fine. I'd say we were lucky enough as it is that we had the privlege of getting CRZ people to come along and help us with this (They still can, I mean nothing is really stopping them from coming and doing damage to the boss other than the incentive for 'easy loot') was a nice bonus.

People in high/med pop servers who've killed the bosses already and recieved loot can still be invited over to a low pop realm thats struggling to get a group formed to go and zerg a tap to faction boss, yes? From the good of their kind hearts, right? Everything isn't -always- about the loot but helping other people just like you to get ahead in the game?

Sure, it could be a timesink of several minutes... But even oondasta wouldn't take you as long as it would to say, finish a heroic. A really negligible amount of time, isn't it? I think we are all making this out to be a lot worse than it really is, but what do I know. I can be wrong about my opinions and my perception. I've been wrong before, I don't really mind.

Just relax guys, surely within the given week's time, you can find people kind enough to be willing to come and help out that have already done the boss on their home server for their share of loot, this is not saying that the zones are having their CRZ privileges disabled. There is still hope for everyone, but if we wish to be pessimistic and yell doom and gloom all because we think everyone is a bunch of cold hearted, highly competitive jerks in it for themselves and only themselves...

No, it's not like that. It is not like that anywhere. No matter what, you will be able to find people that can help you. You will be able to still kill oondasta and nalak once a week if you put forth the effort to find those with a heart. They are out there and they await your call, you need them, they don't need you. They do not know about you, you must let them know. They will answer. Just reach out for the good of the servers and yourself. Promote some friendliness in this game through much-needed interaction.
Glad I got him when I did, then. He spawned today on Misha and the only hope Horde side had there of killing him was to make a cross realm raid. Probably going to be a long time before Horde on Misha will get to kill him.
Yay for catering to only the highest pop servers and/or the dominant faction. Stuff like this sure does help server balance.
Hey, its perfectly ok for toons from a different server to pillage your resources and kill quest npc's, but god forbid they show up with the intention of helping down a world boss??

Am I the only one doing a huge /facedesk here?

No, no you're not. *sigh*
Then the encounter needs to be nerfed, and nerfed hard, so a single raid group can accomplish it.

Plenty of servers are simply incapable of fielding the kinds of numbers required to fight this - cross-realm is the only way a lot of people can participate.

Besides, the fight is going to be obsolete in a few months anyways (just like Sha is now). Why not let people have their fun while they can?

Isn't this why CRZ was put in in the first place? Give a leg-up to those servers suffering from low population?

The whole point of oondasta is that he is suppose to be hard so if you can only field 1 raid group then you are doing the encounter as intended.

Outdoor raid bosses will never work like this. They will always be zerged. The concept that has been implemented has not been thoroughly thought out. This will, just like Tol Barad and Wintergrasp, be looked back at another failed World experience.

Let's face it: the game is moving away from the World. Let's try to make that experience more interesting at least, instead of adding a bunch of World Bosses and call it interesting.
This is not a good change for mid-pop server and low-pop servers at all.

EDIT: And even with 2-3 groups, I was in a group where people were STILL having issues with it. Zerging it isn't always going to work with rez timers, people not paying attention, ect. ect.

So, players need to learn a new boss and its mechanics so they can down it the first week, and gear isn't an issue at all?
So they hot fixed the loot issue, for those that have down'd Oondasta, do we get some compsation for not recieving any loot ?
I'm also kind of amused at how this went down.

"Oh yes, Oondasta, it'll take a very coordinated group to do this! Heroic geared raiders only will be trying this...wait, what do you mean, they're just pulling him over the hill to the graveyard and zerging him?"

No one thought of this when they designed the fight?
Honestly... its only 522 Gear and a select few peice...its not like its even a full set.. and oh yeah the mount.. I mean its like Sha..not once have I ever gotten anything from Sha.. even on an extra roll... I mean hell..give it a few weeks and we want even need that gear.. most of us will be raiding getting equal or better gear.. outside of the challenge of the fight its really not even worth the trouble..think about it... you finally down the super hard boss.. and no loot drops lol..no loot form the extra roll..or the opposite faction kills it first... then what...I think its a bad I deal not to allow players to get loot on other servers bosses, but 879 million HP is kinda crazy lol.. that's like fighting 4 raid bosses at once on a boss who can one shot everyone in its aoe path..but I mean it is what it is..Blizzards word is Final so do what ya do .. but watch my shoes ^^
Glad i managed to not only get my personal achievement and guild achievement via x-realm before this awful change. Hes going to be un-killable on my server. Thanks blizz.
Any plans for free transfers away from low-population realms?
I can see why people love or hate this change. I personally appreciate this, but can also feel the pain of those who don't like this fix.

I'm on an extremely high population server and it's enough of a problem when a patch launches handling the home players to also have to house people from other servers at any given time. When patch 5.2 hit over half of my server decided to camp Galleon. Some never saw him prior, some needed the gear (new 90s,) some just because -- and to top it off... seeing those other people, from other servers, invited by people from mine. It was ridiculously horrible, and we crashed the server many times when Galleon died. The lag was so bad, that even on a gaming laptop, I wasn't sure what spells were going off, who was dying -- or even if I was dying. It was horrendous.

And yet, I also get the grief of those who have chosen a low population server. I understand that, first -- there aren't enough people on at once (usually) -- and second, those who are on: are they geared for the encounter? All the notes claimed Oondasta would challenge even the most organized, heroic raiding guild/group. Not everyone is at that level, or cares to be, but would still like to be a part of the encounter. If someone is on a server where people aren't hardcore, but they still want to live the experience -- I can see how this change will really upset them.

People can argue that if you're not geared for Oondasta then you shouldn't be there, but that's like going back to the argument we always have. Like, when I am in my "hardcore" PvP gear and I just want to do a random BG and have to deal with the people who are in their raid/PvE sets [and vice versa.] Personally, I think that encounters like world bosses should be more about fun and less about so much statistic. Let the elitism exist where it's inevitable.

Anyways. In an ideal world, we'd all be happy, and WoW -- though not "real" -- isn't an ideal world either. I'm grateful that I won't be seeing so many people from other zones in my realm, but I am also sad for those who won't really experience the encounters because of lack of people. I hope that they have friends who will still come along for the kill, even knowing they won't get any loot (probably not going to happen though one can hope!)

Any plans for free transfers away from low-population realms?

I'd rather people from high population realms have more chances to go to lower ones, for free. Certainly, the busy servers don't need more people... if anything, we need less. XD
Interesting considering I did this over the weekend before the hotfix and still was not able to get loot from him...
Hey, its perfectly ok for toons from a different server to pillage your resources and kill quest npc's, but god forbid they show up with the intention of helping down a world boss??

Am I the only one doing a huge /facedesk here?

No, no you're not. *sigh*

Yea, I really see them implementing all of the changes to help high pop servers not compete with each other for scarce resources by tag sharing, but when it comes to low pop servers - we get penalized.

High pop servers competing for scarce resources is one great way to promote a downside to those realms, but apparently, that's not good for business.

I'll pay $25 so I can PUG freely like those on high pops, but I would like to stay on Duskwood. The money isn't so much of an issue for me.
i like quelana idea, my server's aliance is really dead, u cant even pug 2/6 msv, nobody is ever down to anything, blizzard should atleast let people free xfer if the whole guild does.

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