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according to realmpop, the server with the LOWEST amount of players is Chromaggus with 18k players 4k alliance / 14k horde, i'm sure it might not be ideal. But it shouldn't be that hard to find 60-100 players to kill oondasta, on either faction.
So you guys want CRZ
but.....then you don't want CRZ.....

Make up your freaking minds.
So when we say we have issues with CRZ like having people from high pop realms camping our spawns or resource nodes it's not a problem?
But when people form CRZ realms actually do something that's helpful and useful for us all, you call foul and nix it cause you dont' want people server hopping for loot.

*mind boggles*

guess what sparky, you need to nerf the encounter then. Right now that thing's really only doable by people on servers that are crammed to the brim with people to get enough to take him down.
Will they fix that though? I wouldn't hold my breath.
Nice so as long as CRZ is working against the player ie multiplayer mounts dismounting a player or throwing a quest into a filled to the brim zone with no chance to quest then it's working as intended, but as soon as the players find an actual use for it ie these bosses, "Oh the sky is falling hotfix that we don't want any positives from CRZ."
See my server is the one were we have about 40 90's most of which aren't geared up nearly enough or on at the same time so the only way i was able to do it was to go cross server so this sucks for me :(
To be honest Im guessing that this is just a temp fix to help fix a few other issues they don't feel like telling us or making really public. Well at the same time trying not to take away the fun of ToT raid by making this this fight easy loots and mess stuff up a bit like sha may have done with early on raiders Im hoping that in a couple months you make the need adjustments to help the low pop servers you are hurting at the moment once you are able to do so or atleast at a time u feel like revamping things will no longer throw to much out of wack would be great thanks.
according to realmpop, the server with the LOWEST amount of players is Chromaggus with 18k players 4k alliance / 14k horde, i'm sure it might not be ideal. But it shouldn't be that hard to find 60-100 players to kill oondasta, on either faction.

That's total population, including levels 1-89.

At 90, Chromaggus has 257 Alliance and 1313 Horde. Then, you could probably cut that number in half due to alts, then cut it in half for players that don't want to raid for one reason or another, then divide it by 10 because everyone isn't on all the time. THEN you would probably have a semi-accurate pool of players to choose from.
Yet another way to make low pop realms even worse wtg blizzard. I still can't believe you won't merge realms, and instead will make it easier for people to leave them killing them further. I have never truly been angry over a decision you have made until now.
Okay so Blizz...

High pop servers are likely to have a majority of the major top end raiding guilds, and I would guess most, if not all 25M raid guilds. They also have the population for zergs of Oondasta.

Low and mid pop servers have few to no end top raiding guilds, and not enough pop to zer Oondasta.

Which means... All this dose is keep all the kills on servers that could get the kills without CRZ to start with!

So the point of this is to penalize the servers who don't have the guilds or manpower to down the boss anyways.
Blizzard contradicting themselves yet again.

Encourage more players to join up with CRZ, then destroy the incentive for doing so.

This is an awful decision. Dislike.
I hope that blizzard never rids of CRZ.
One of the worst ideas ever. Thanks for punishing those of us who didn't have the foresight 3 years ago to see CRZ and this calamity. I've heard that loot drops all over the place and now I feel that I'm not getting the same game as those on high pop servers. At least give us free xfers to go from low to med servers (1 time only) or fix this debacle so the low pops can play too.
Then the encounter needs to be nerfed, and nerfed hard, so a single raid group can accomplish it.Plenty of servers are simply incapable of fielding the kinds of numbers required to fight this - cross-realm is the only way a lot of people can participate.Besides, the fight is going to be obsolete in a few months anyways (just like Sha is now). Why not let people have their fun while they can?Isn't this why CRZ was put in in the first place? Give a leg-up to those servers suffering from low population?
YEAH i hate CRZ just a way horde me main is alliance .... can swoop in and grab my rare im soloing at 10 percent and they get loot off of it really !!!
THAT'S BS ....
Detheroc is completely dead we should get free transfers to least mid level pop....
but alliance majority for putting up with this crap...
Im know im transferring on character but to transfer them all and all my firends of like 4 years
on this server i would miss but thats all!!
Blizz is crazy we don't even have 40 alliance that's geared for this encounter ..They all went horde .. I say mass tickets lol.....
u guys are crazy ((or im the one crazy perhaps)) ...
I like how at the bottom of this page, there's a big ad for "Character Transfer"!
I tried Oon a few days ago, with my raid group full of guildies, 5 others. It is a extremely hard fight. We killed it with 2 players standing out of 5 groups.

The respawn timer made is even worse.

It is a fun fight, its challenging, but it may be a bit too hard for most players to manage.
First Oondasta spawn on my realm since the change with a few hundred players from both factions: Horde was able to put together 2 or 3 40m groups, I forget. Literally only 3 wipes in, two of which had heavy Alliance interference, people leave and give up from both sides. A number of us, mainly the members of my guild, wanted to stay and try, but we had nowhere near enough numbers or the gear to take it on as we are a 10m guild, not a 25m guild. The lack of skill and motivation of others screwed us out of a chance at the boss....and the fact that we only had one 16/16H guild on the realm last tier, which is a 10m guild.

This is on a medium pop server that is nowhere near dead. Awesome judgement call, Blizzard. :| I don't mind difficulty, but you should severely downgrade the numbers that are required for it. Requiring skill is fine, but not all realms have the numbers to support multiple 25m guilds which was the design intent. Basically this will be zerged by people on the highest pop realms and no one else will get to finish it. Oondasta is a failed experiment, one that hopefully will not be repeated in the future.
Now if only you could get this Hunter to stop ruining the oondasta raids by pulling as much dinos as he can and kiting them through the raid groups wuhnter

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