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Moment of Silence for Alliance on Illidan ever seeing or killing Oondasta

bah well
03/11/2013 08:41 PMPosted by Lucifia
Gee, thanks a lot for making it impossible for low-pop servers to ever do an Oondasta kill then Blizz.

It's in Blizzard's best interest to make the life of people in low-pop realm hell. It's the only way they'll get entire guilds to shell 25$ a character to move to another realm...

Everything about CRZ is precisely that... destroy all the benefits of low-pop, while maintaining all the problems. Didn't you grasp that yet?


not 25.

60. It takes 60$ for a guild leader to move their guild to another server.

25$ per character moved.

I have been on scarlet crusade since it was opened as a server... I've seen the good and the bad, and I am not paying over 285$ to move my 90s to another server. I have other toons on higher population servers, but my MAINs are all on SC.

Its not worth it.
03/11/2013 08:15 PMPosted by Firestyle


It's not possible for higher population realms to CRZ into lower population realms according to Blizz.

Party leader invite in Pandaria override this function. If I invite my friend, from any realm into my group for which I am the leader, they come to my realm. I have had people I've done CMs with to come to my realm to hunt treasure and farm rares. It happens.

Unfortunately untrue, I tried inviting from Pandaria when I was party leader and I got ported to their realm, no notice saying "You might be moved to a different realm," no nothing.

The realms in question were Shattered Hand and Area 52.
Well. I'll never be able to kill Oondasta again on my low populated realm. What other ways are you going to try to get us to fork out hundreds of dollars for server transfers?
Uhhhhm....okay? Lol. So, high population servers are happy, but this really hurts low population servers like mine. Nathrezim only has 3 horde 10-man guilds raiding. There's only one guild raiding for the alliance. The raiding population has been small like that since end-Cata. Forming groups for Sha was like pulling teeth! Still is! Oondasta's pretty much never, ever going down on Nath because of this. No, this is not an exaggeration. We just don't have the manpower. THE ONE TIME cross-realm zones ACTUALLY really benefit low population realms, loot's taken from us! So yeah, people can come to our realm and farm all our warbringers, farm our nodes, tame our pets, but we're SOL for the new PVP bosses. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE??

This change is just screwing over low population even more. And no, I'm not up for dropping the $25/toon fee to transfer change. That's not fair. I shouldn't be forced to pay to enjoy a regular aspect of the game. I like it here otherwise, and this CRZ bandaid for this low population "issue" is garbage. This is absolutely frustrating. Unless the plan is to scale down Oondasta for low population servers, I guess Oondasta just might as well not spawn on Nathrezim at all. Merge the damn servers, or just make it official and tell us Blizzard doesn't give a damn about small population servers and that we'd better cough up money for a transfer.

Ugh...so frustrating...
Here's a novel idea. Why not COMBINE all of the low population servers together? Or at least give us the option of a FREE transfer, last time Scarlet Crusade had a free transfer off the server? We CRASHED the battlegroup. *ah memories.*
why is this even an issue that needed to be hotfixed? people cant loot oondasta more than once per week, just like other world bosses.

all this does is rob people on low pop servers of a chance to actually kill the thing.

isnt CRZ all about making low pop servers seem alive? well, why isnt getting people to down a boss acceptable? you cant even "phase" to a realm unless the majority are FROM that realm.

If CRZ and World Bosses don't mix then either get rid of one or the other.

Put the boss in an instance where you can control the amount of player traffic that goes to him and tune him appropriately.

If you're going to make a world boss then you need to accept the possibility that players are going to group up en masse to fight the thing -- the world boss model openly invites that.
Then are you going to half his health for us low pop server? because now you are making it to where we will never beable to see the death of these world bosses again, quit screwing us over..
So, Blizzard breaks the only good part about CRZ? Figures.
Makes sense... seems like the fun is taken out but if the server is going to crash due to juggling all of the chaos, what can you do?
While at it, can you please please make him not kitable to graveyard. quite frankly, the zerg strat is insulting to his design intent of actually being difficult. Galleon was a failure. Lets not make oondasta one too. This boss is a great fight if you actually do it correctly (actually spreading out, tank swapping using threat alone and no taunts like good ole deathwhisper days) and using Cds to survive the cone. CRZ will reduce number of people in area some. Making him not shared faction tap would be ultimate fix though (sorry, but 100 people leeching loot and barely even doing 200k dps to boss while killing everyone trying to do fight right is also not very productive).

There is no middle ground. Either make him like nalak/sha. Or make him like he's supposed to be, doomwalker/kazzak. right now he's just a large repair bill sha/nalak that gives everyone loot for doing fight wrong.

He's fine as he is. Why are you even an MVP? You're whining about the majority of the player base being able to kill him, versus hardcore raiders. The majority of Blizzard's customers are casual players. As a recognized, valuable member of Blizzard's forum community, you should be doing what you can to promote for the majority, rather than your personal minority.

This just destroyed any chance US-Archimonde has of ever killing this boss again.

Don't tell us how to do encounters, if we want to do Oondasta with 120 people, that should be our choice, it took us over an hour to organise and kill him, we deserved a chance at loot, and what you've just done killed the point of world bosses.

"Requires a heroic 40 man group.", Well my server doesn't have people in heroic gear, my server also doesn't have more than 40, 90's at any given time.

When will you realize that you're going to have to merge servers, and just keep the realm tags. Permanent CRZ for certain realms. Battlegroups are already with other servers, so why can't the actual servers share CRZ permanently.

Revert the hotfix, or fix realm population.

Stop ruining the game I love, thanks.
You have completely removed any chance on population imbalanced realms for 1 faction ever getting a kill.

There had to be a better solution then this.

Leave xrealm active for oondasta but not for Nalak.
Faction Dominated servers aren't ever going to see this so alliance on Kil'jaeden will never get oondasta now thanks blizz appreciate it.
GG. This entire expansion has caused bigger and bigger issues for lower population realms and factions, and this is an even bigger kick in the nuts. My faction/server has not yet even killed Sha. Everyone who has zones in from another realm.

!@#$ty change. You're killing already stressed servers/factions. Cross-realm zones should be an option.
He's fine as he is. Why are you even an MVP? You're whining about the majority of the player base being able to kill him, versus hardcore raiders. The majority of Blizzard's customers are casual players. As a recognized, valuable member of Blizzard's forum community, you should be doing what you can to promote for the majority, rather than your personal minority.


If you're a casual player you should accept that you won't see all the content. I'm a fairly casual player and I accept that I probably will never clear heroic raids while they are current content. So what one world boss will be inaccessible to me? There are 3 other world bosses for me to clear. I think the MVP is justified in saying that it shouldn't be faction tagged; the fight was intended to be hard afterall.

As far as the CRZ change... I think a better method could have been implemented; such as what was mentioned by having it limited to a 40 man raid. That way good players from low population servers will have an equal opportunity to down him via CRZ.

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