511 Exp hunter LF new guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
5.1 - 16/16H
5.2 - 11/12

Unfortunately my current guild has suffered too many losses with core players having to stop raiding due to things such as uni and other real life issues.

I'm ONLY looking for a high end raiding 10/25 pref 10s but will go 25s for the right team.

I have extensive high end raid exp for many xpacs and am looking to continue in this fashion.

Nnesic#2254 for more info thanks.
Exceptional player, dedicated and all round great guy.
<Ajantis> formed mid-2006 is one of Oceania's long standing 25man guilds looking for dedicated & exceptional players. Apply @ http://www.ajantis-guild.com

5.1 - 15/16 Heroic
5.2 - 11/12 Normal
hello Blue Label is currently looking for more range dps. we are 25 man guild 1/12 H tot. you are welcome to find out more and put in application at www.blue-label.org
Hello there :)

Wyvern is a Level 25 Guild based on Thaurissan

Raid times are Weds/Thurs/Sun at the times of 9Pm-12Pm Server time
the guild is based on GMT+8 which is Western Australia time.

We are Currently looking for the specific classes listed:

Paladin Tank with a Ret Off spec
Restoration Druid with a Feral Off spec
Holy Priest with a Disc or Shadown Off Spec
Restoration Shaman with a Elemental Off Spec

If you are interested or wish to speak to me more about a position feel free to add my battle.net Id: rhinohardstylez94@hotmail.com and i will give you more information

This is a new raid team so everyone is fresh to it

we will be heading to 5.0 and 5.1 raids also to help people gear if need be and will hit 5.2 Soonish if everything works out as planned.

All i ask for is people to be loyal, reliable, fun, be helpful, be kind.

Hope to see some posts on this Thread. i am only really asking for the classes i have listed.

Enjoy your day :)
Hi Nnesic

Fatigue of Nagrand are currently seeking a RDPS to fill out our roster.

Our guild was formed during the close of 5.1 by a small group of players who wanted to move from a casual raiding stance to a more progression based guild.

The majority of our players were previously of Damage Controll who were usually in the server top 25 and are comprised of Aussies and Kiwis.

Since 5.2 we have tried to push ourselves harder and are slowly reaping the rewards.

If you want stability, you will find it with us. 90% of the raid team have been together for 2+ years and often meet in RL over a few beers.

Our raid times are:
Wednesday 6.30pm ST - 8.30PM ST
Friday: 6.30pm ST- 9.00pm ST
Sunday: 5.00pm ST -8.00pm ST

If this sounds like you, check us out at http://fatigue-nagrand.enjin.com or speak to an officer online if you have any questions - Ghoti, Quaithe, Insurgo or myself Rággle

Cheers, Rággle.
2/13HM 10 man looking for 1 Dps for our core team.

raid times:
Wednesday: 8pm-11pm ST(GMT+10)
Saturday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)
Sunday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)

For more info add: Rachel#1517

www.wipesforsale.com for applications.

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