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Hello fellow Sargerians. We are a six year old 25man guild looking for new players to join our raid team.

We consider ourselves to be a semi-casual group of people, formed from multiple core groups of friends who came together in the interests of raid progression. The majority of our members are formerly from other large guilds who value a social, fun guild environment equally as much as steady raid progression.

We are currently 10/14H SoO and our raid schedule is: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights from 7:30-10:30.

Current openings are as follows:

***Listed on or near the most current post in the thread***

As always, our guild thrives on assimilating small, longstanding groups of friends who are looking for a new long-term home somewhere.

Our median raid member age is somewhere around 25. We have a lot of former hardcore players who have joined us over the years - many who join us stick around because emphasis is placed on fun, fairness, and maximum enjoyment of the game rather than having to deal with strict min/max'ing requirements and 15+ hours per week of raiding. That said, the guild does not slouch either. We generally get all of the content done during its relevant period with significant progress into hard modes.

Looking forward to hearing from any and all who are interested. Contact can be made through me (Shadowpuck - Battle tag "Shadow#1113") in-game or through any of the following officers: Cryysis, Seefra, Nuvos, Peepingtom, or Xiomara.

The guild website is located at: http://symbiosisofsargeras.shivtr.com/

Thank you all and we're happy to be a small part of Sargeras.
Can't wait to meet our new members!
Welcome to Sargeras!
Welcome to Sargeras!

Thanks :) We're very happy to be here!
Frost DK would be a nice addition xD
Bump. Made a couple of great additions so far! Still in great need of a non Paladin tank who can step right in to work with us through T15.
Need more recruits! xD

Frost DK and an Ele Shaman would be superb!
*Always watches*
Currently searching for a Frost DK and a non Paladin tank.
Welcome to Kurserati Land
A frost dk you say? I may be interested!
If there is a chance you may be interested, hit us up in game. Myself or any others mentioned above.

*Still need more recruits*
So what are you currently looking for class and spec wise?
Current openings are as follows:
(1) non-Paladin tank
(1) non-Paladin healer
(2-3) Ranged DPS
(1-2) Melee DPS
To the top, need some good players.

A non Pally Tank & a DPS DK for a core spot

Come get some
Hey guys,

Oddly enough our 10 man Core group has been falling apart slowly over the last 2 weeks and myself and our 506 Frost DK might be looking for a new home shortly.

Long time player/tank. Exp all the way back to BC. Hit me up in game if you're still short a non-plate tank and frost DK. Really missing the 25 man scene.

16/16 T14 & 3/12 ToT. Available for raiding any evening, just cant start early Tuesdays.
Also may be able to pull in our 511 Surv Hunter if there's room. If there are any other slots for the raid comp you feel are being filled by less than adequate players, I have a good base of connections (been on theserver 6+ years) and can help fill lacking roles.
Good Morning Foirtile this is something we would be interested in, let me get in contact with the gm and see if we could maybe set up either a vent conversation or in game one. We would love the chance to talk to you all and see what we can work out. Thank you for taking the time to respond here, I will try to catch you either in game or back here.

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