The Great and Powerful Oz

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Was awesome. All I could think of was Mila's butt though, even if it's green I'll hit it.
I just saw it today.

Regardless of what she looks like or does all I can picture is Meg and it will forever ruin her acting for me.
*+*Spoilers & whatnot*+*

Not that great.

Meg the witch was awful. Looked awful in the make up, could not act outside of being Meg, & they kept her voice yet added a witch laugh that was NOT her at all.

Also early on when Oz meets witch Meg, they walk through the easy to tell CGI field of CGIness.

It looked bad, really bad.

I loved the monkey & the china doll. Ebanora was wonderful & SHOULD have been West, not East.

Meg ruined it. I am aware Meg is not her real name but that's all she was in this movie. It was another Meg suddenly gets attached to some guy & goes INSANE when she can't have him.

Brian, Joe, now Oz.

ANYONE ELSE & I probably would have been ok with it, but her line delivery was just... ugh.

I know nothing will ever compare to the '30s movie but this was just not that great.

Still an ok flick, but not going in my favorites or nothing. /rantrantrant

Forgot to mention, Bruce was awesome as a guard.
Only great part about the movie was the end. Everything else was ok, a good flick for the family deep down.

Meg was...... Well.... Can you get anymore like a Cartoon Villain?

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