Season 12 RBGs, Cheaters, and Rewards.

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There's no way that I'm the only one on the forums screwed by Wintraders. There's also no possible way I could be the only one upset at Blizzard for not handling this properly.

If I didn't get the title because I didn't earn it, then it would be whatever. But to see these cheaters get their titles sickens me.
I feel bad for you and anyone else that earned their ratings. I can see a bunch of cheaters tho...thats for sure.
It's not fair, but I expected as much.

From the BG forums

That'll teach you not to not win trade

And this is why ladders don't work in MMO's.

The fact they're still pumping out these things when even Gladiator is plagued with purchased pilots is getting disgusting.
Plainly put; the developers do NOT care about PvP in this game:

They could EASILY hire someone, or even have someone take time away from 'balancing' the game around PvE for 5 seconds, to go and read the scoreboard.

Assuming they aren't stupid and have played the game; it's safe to assume someone who's went 7-8 and a person whos gone 200-120; the second person should most likely be a higher rating.

But then you look at rating numbers.. 3200 on 7-8; 2450 on the 200-120 person.
From the BG forums

That'll teach you not to not win trade


I don't think this person win-traded.
Yeah I spent hours and hours grinding to 2400 and tanked a bit and hero cut off is apparently 2527 LOL, blizz hasn't even given us a blue post to talk about it I have 2 tickets in yet no response it would be nice if we got our titles for actually earning it
Thanks for the support guys. I'm glad I'm not the only one upset about this.
I kept telling myself, no need to worry, Blizzard knows what they are doing. I truly believe that they know what's best for the greater good of the game. Sometimes you can't see the big picture from where we are, and you just gotta wait it out. So I remained patient, but here I am disappointed. =-\
Wintrading hampered the ladder. Besides, it's only a game. Calm down.
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Hey, I know who you are! I've seen you post on Cobrak's channel and have even watched some of your vids. You're a pretty sick player. I'm sorry that it looks like you're getting screwed out of your title. :(
Tarnished titles for everyone!

This is just pathetic
Win-traders be payin blizz. DX

On a more serious note though, it's unfortunate that those who cause grief are rewarded with everything a legitimate player should have and more. :/

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