Season 12 RBGs, Cheaters, and Rewards.

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This guy is in blues because he was caught exploiting in 3s, but the blue posts stating he'd lose EVERYTHING didn't include him being removed from the 5s team he exploited on as well. At the end of the season, he still achieved rank 1. If Blizzard took away EVERYTHING from this person's ACCOUNT, he'd think twice about exploiting at all.

tl;dr - Blizzard needs the harshest forms of punishment for exploiters. Removal of all achievements, gear, AND (not "or") teams in addition to being banned for X period of time.

This is the thread with the blue post stating the consequences. Somewhat harsh, but apparently not harsh enough to deter those willing to cheat for gear, titles, and achievements.
and at the start of the season these people have T2 still. they get matched up with 1300-1600 teams and just face roll... What do we have to do to have the CM's do something? saying you work on it is not going to stop the people cheating.

And the people leading the Battle group with 2500+ rating and are 16-2.. not hard to see whos cheating. Saying just report them is a cop out btw.
If you want us to report people, you need to make it easier to report people without having to be near enough to them to target their portrait in game. If I see someone exploiting on armory or in a game where they leave immediately, I can go to their realm, stalk them, target them, and report them, or make a ticket, wait days, and then be told how to use the "report player" feature in game. Or I can do nothing, which is what most people do because its such a pain.

this and bump
I get not wanting to Share personal Account info with the masses. But if you want to deter this behavior, Giant "BANNHAMMERED" in Big Blue letters on profiles of those caught and Banned would be usefull, both for deterance, and to reasure people that things do get done.

At the very least, fix the system so when people are striped of their rating, it gets reflected on site so we don't have ladders that look like complete bull.
Bump back to the top. I demand an answer.
There was group of guys on my server that decided to win trade. I almost joined them but rethought it and decided it was a cowards way of "earning" T2 gear. Their reasoning was everyone else is doing it. Here is the armory of one of them, if you'll notice his achievements, he earned ALL of them in one day and earned Marshall without earning in service of the alliance. So he got to 2200 in less than 25 games.... I know this isn't entirely impossible, but it is still highly unlikely.
Did any of those big named unbanned players happen to have sponsors? There is precedent for Blizzard giving those with a sponsor free reign to do what they want. The unbanning of swifty is a good example.

he made a video of himself accidently crashing a server then purposely did it twice more. after he got banned he edited said video (rather badly at that) trying to make himself look like it was all an accident. His sponsor Razer made a post on their facebook page

“Update: Swifty got unbanned. Stay tuned on his channel. Thanks to everyone for their support.”

Then blizzard posted on their forums they had made a mistake in banning swifty.

If you have a sponsor there is a clear double standard, in that you will not be banned, as Blizzard values the money more than their games integrity.
Bump, don't let this die. This is nothing less than lazyness. NOTHING LESS. Do not let blizzard's lazyness slip by, hold them accountable for the product YOU pay for.
Oh do want to know the outcome of this !
Its sad that people that try hard and earn their rating get screwed by people that cheat the system. I know blizzard isn't all seeing and cant prevent all occurrences of cheating, but most of the win trading I have seen is blatantly obvious.
2532 on my mage last season, took a few months off thinking itd be safe and came back after patch expecting hero... ya right lol

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