public quests

Blizz, please put public quests in this game.No, i dont mean scenarios where you get no benefit of doing, but public quests like in warhammer,rift or guild wars 2. one or two per zone would be good based on the "story" for that soon as a player enters the public questing area, they are auto grouped with other players in that area for mob slaying fun time. give loot,rep, and good xp for completing them and as incentive to keep players to the prevent players from going afk in them implement some kind of auto kick if not moving for more than 2 min or something. these would be nice as another source of valor at end game to keep players from burning out of dailies and 5 mans.
Try doing a Scenario.
scenarios are the retarded little brother of public quests.they suck in comparison the the real thing
I got Crepuscular Powder, only to find the Quest associated with it A: why is it still being sold and B: where do I get my 120Gold back???

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