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The Backbiter Tavern is in a small desert village, with very few people living there. Inside the old tavern a mysterious warlock sits. He has black robes with strange purple runes on it. He has blond hair with a black bandana wrapped around his mouth. A strange demon (felhunter) sits by his side. He says to the barman, "Gimme another ale." and hands him a few coins. The dark room has many cobwebs and a couple lanterns in it.
Anyone can join, horde or alliance, however only one person can be the barman. Im the warlock.
Have fun!
The door crept open as a as a small female gnome steps inside. Her disheveled, graying-blonde hair is tied back in two messy pigtails. Dark circles surround her eyes, giving her the appearance of someone who hasn't slept in years (which would be accurate). Her lips are chapped and blackened, and her skin is deathly pale. Complete with an obvious unholy aura, it is clear that she is a death knight.

She is followed closely by the tall, willowy figure of a draenei woman. She is dressed in ornate, white and black robes. Her skin is a deep violet with matching, shoulder length hair and her horns curve back similar to those of a ram. The gnome scans the tavern observing the the demon at the warlock's side glances back at the draenei who was giving it a cautious look. The gnome's gaze becomes bland and she says, "You're the one who wanted to escape the heat, Zikara. If one little demon is enough to scare you, we can leave."

Zikara frowned at the gnome knowing she would push her through this miserable desert without rest if they decided to leave. It had taken plenty of begging an coercing just to get her to relent and allow them to stop at this tavern. Zikara sighed in resignation. The gnome sighed as well, she was hoping the demon would be enough to scare her off. She was sick of wasting time on this journey. She grumbled something to herself in gnomish and decided a warlock would be interesting enough to talk to. Just as Zikara was making her way toward a table, the gnome grabbed her by her robes and used her unnatural strength to pull her toward the warlock. "Let's make some new friends while we're here, hm?"

"Friends?!" Zikarah said in a shaky voice as she staggered after her.

The gnome took her own seat next to the warlock while Zikara deliberately took a seat closer to the gnome, still eyeing the felhunter warily and shifting uneasily in her seat. The gnome offered a friendly smile to the warlock and said, "Hey, I'm Pib. And the shaky one over here is Zikara."

Zikara mumbled something that was probably supposed to be a greeting but her nervousness made it all come out in a jumbled mess. If Pib's pupils were still visible she would be seen rolling them.
In a deep, slightly demonic voice, between sips of ale, he replies, "The names Rex. And 'less you want your heart ripped out and eaten, I don't think you want to be spendin' too much time with me. But I guess sense your already dead, wouldn't matter too you." He chuckles quietly to himself.
Zikara was visibly shaken by Rex’s remark. Pib chuckled slightly. “I can’t say I really have any use for it anymore, but by now, I think the maggots have already beaten you to it.” Zikara gave Pib a disgusted look. The gnome simply blinked at her. “What? I’m just trying to make conversation.”

Zikara shook her head and waved down the bartender. “A glass of wine, please.” Hopefully the alcohol would settle her nerves.
((I'm leveling this character up, don't worry.))

A Night Elf rode on horse through the desert. The horse she bought from a trader, and it was a good horse, used to riding in the desert. Her mouth and nose was covered with a bandana, and her eyes squinted against sand and dust. She had the appearance of a bandit, with her concentrated expession and bandanna.

Bandit was a slightly accurate description, but she had quit that life long ago. Aqualai pefered to spend her time being a negotiator, since she was good at words. She was still hired for her skills in negotiating, but never permanently.

She smiled under the cloth, as she spotted the small village in the distance. Slowing the horse down, she spotted an inn, and stopped the horse. She got off, went to someone and sold the horse for some supplies, and then walked to the inn. Her face, or what was shown, was a dark purple, her eyes the blue glow of every other Night Elf. The rest of her was covered with leather armor. She took her hair out of the ponytail, and shook it out. Her hair was a dark blue and she sat at a table.

She looked around, seeing the few others sitting at a table. Death Knight. She growled to herself and removed two daggers. They both were identical. Made of a black metal, and straight, there was a clear tube inlaid in the middle, holding a thick, clear liquid. Anyone would know they were poisoned blades.

She opened the end of the handle and slid a device out, which removed the tube. She did this to the other, then wiped the dust and sand off of the blade and put the daggers back in their places. She then proceded to change out the poison in the device. She stuck them in a bag.

She looked again, and saw the Death Knight was nervous, or scared, or something. Maybe angry, but she wasn't going to interfere. The warlock seemed calm. Warlocks weren't all bad, depending on how deep they went into the fel energy.

She smiled to herself, took her bandana off, stuck into the same bag, messing around in it, and then closed it and left it at the table. She got up and went to order a drink, and then sat down after getting it.

((Sorry for it being a little long. :P))
Before long she ran into her friend, a fellow Night Elf who had taken the path of a druid. "Mind if I join in?" By then, the leader of the Posse of Death Knights had started to stare deeply at the druid. Feeling as if they had crossed paths before.
((Aqualai, Zikara is a priestess, not a death knight))
((Oops sorry :P))

((Should be fixed.))
((Character name is non-reflective of RP name))

((RP name is Benjamin Pain))

((refer to current armory for description, Only difference is there would be a blank black tabard instead of the Shattered sun one))

The beating hooves of his black war horse stopped outside of the Batckbitter Tavern where he tied off the reigns to the mighty beast of battle. Quickly bending down at a watering troph he splashed his sand crusted face with water to clean up. Adjusting his chest plate he shuffled his shoulders until he found a comfortable resting place for the heavy plate. Placing his left shoulder against the door he leaned against it and swung in with the door to expose the shield on his back to any potential attack, years of bad luck creating the habit.

Once inside Benjamin looked around, attempting to scout for any problem areas and or people to avoid. Noting the few people in the tavern he decided to quietly walk to the bar and sit down at the end of the bar with his back against a wall. Laying his axe on the bar and leaning his shield against the bar on the floor. Looking for a bartender he finally speaks. "Who do I gotta smooch to get a beer around this dump?"
Isaac Torquebarrel casually looked over at the warrior. "I'm not sure that's a good idea, mate. Last time something like that happened, the poor guy was in stitches. Literally."
The goblin returned to his cards on the table he was sitting at. They appeared to be ones from the Darkmoon Faire. He had started collecting decks from his adventures and the Auction House, and he just can't seem to find an Ace of Tigers to complete his tiger deck.
On the table was a ragged book - one of the Steamy Romance Novels, apparently - and his rifle, the Replacement Negotiator. Forged from titansteel and saronite, its bullets could shred through three inches of armor plating before stopping.
Isaac picked the book up and turned to the page he had previously left off. A friend had lent it to him, and he didn't really see how it was "steamy". Pity some of the pages were obscured by some odd essence. He wanted to finish it.
The goblin took a sip from his drink, wiping his mouth before looking at the warrior again and blinking a few times. He could have sworn he saw him before.
"Oy mate, do I know you?" he said, doing his best to keep his voice casual.
"That's just great..," the woman mumbled, fumbling loudly around in one of the sacks attached to her belt. After another round of fishing through the brown bag, she sighed and ran her hand over her face in exasperation; what loot she had succeeded in scavenging from some ruins in the desert hours prior had long been lost in the rippling sea of sand. Dismounting her auburn horse, the Rogue glanced around and noticed a building just a few feet away amidst the small village she had arrived in. The lazily hanging sign swaying back and forth in the dry wind read "Backbiter Tavern", and the Rogue suddenly found that she was incredibly parched from her journey.

Tying up and patting her steed with a presumptuous smile, the Rogue sauntered off towards the tavern silently, keeping a close eye on her surroundings like she always tended to do. She was careful. If anything seemed too out of place, she would melt into the shadows and dispose of it with relative ease; that's what she tended to think, anyway. Finally peering through the front door of the tavern, she found herself amongst a motley array of individuals, including a Death Knight, a Priest, a Warlock, and many others. She spotted a Night Elf Rogue across the room and smiled to herself, prided in her own Rogue heritage.
"An ale, if you wouldn't mind.," she said to the bartender as she tossed what little coin she had left from previous adventures onto the counter. With a nod, the bartender fetched her drink and, with a long swig, the Rogue sighed in relief from the refreshing liquid saturating her tastebuds.

It had been a long journey, but the Rogue was now tired and had finally found a good place to rest. She raised her mug silently in celebration of being at peace once more.
*RP name is Benjamin Pain*

Looking at Torquebarrel when he spoke up Ben raised a brow " Best not put lips to anyone then I guess." Turning to look back at the bar he found a beer had silently been deposited in front of him. Taking the mug in his left hand he took a swallow and set the mug back on the bartop and slid a few coins toward the keep. His jaw muscles tightened when Torquebarrel inquired as to a previous meeting. "Depends....I've spent a lot of time on many fields." As the tavern door opened Ben gave a glance to see who was entering, making note of Alkeid he shifted his focus back to the Goblin. " I assume I look familiar to it a good way or bad way?" Looking at the Hunters rifle then to the Goblin himself, attempting to ascertain what may come next.
A tall slinky female undead walked into the bar. She wore a dark hood that covered her face other than glowing blue eyes. Her dark armor looked like a long cloth robe, but if looked at close enough it would be known to the veiwer that it was icey plate. two swords hung at her either side, with the look of icecicles(lol spelling). A long ice blue cape fluttered behind her, and at a distance it looked like it was moving ice shards. Where ever she walked, a small bit of snow stood where she was, melting after long enough. She walked up to the human warrior, brushing up against him with her rear and sitting down. "Hullo gorgeous..." she snickered and called for a beer. She turned back to the warrior, and one of the blue eyes dimmed to black, and fluttered back open, and obvious wink. "Names Lia Newman, you" she asked holding out her hands.

((Btw, she is a massive flirt... don't take it too seriously, its only play."
(( Will respond after Torquebarrle does so I can keep myself in order.))
Isaac paused to think.
Yes, he had seen a warrior that fit the human's description in the Twilight Highlands. His own group, Valor Team, had been busy pushing their way into the Bastion of Twilight when they were besieged by a massive ettin and a squad of black dragons. They were close to breaking through when Isaac felt something slam into his chest, and he had fallen unconscious.
when he came to some time later, he had noticed that he had been rescued by the very same human that sat before him.

"Why... why did you save me?"
He recieved no answer from the human, instead having his rifle put on his lap. Isaac didn't know that he had dropped his gun when he fainted. He guessed that the human had rescued his friends and went back for his weapon when the ettin died.
With a grin, the human left.

"You... you saved my teammates in the Highlands. I never got yer name. I'm Isaac Torquebarrel. Though, it's kinda late for introductions, don't you think?"
He turned to the forsaken woman next to the warrior. "'Ello, ma'am. Nice to meet ya." He held out a gauntleted hand to shake hers.
*RP name is Benjamin Pain*

Ben spoke to the goblin,recalling the incident very vaguely. With a shrug he replied. " It's what I do. At the time it just felt like the right thing to do. I can not sit idle while someone is about to die regardless of their race."

When approached by the Death Knight Lia he was taken completely by surprise. Dumb founded by the way she flirted he could only reply simply. "umm..Hello" Not being big on physical contact he held up his hand as a way of saluting. Hoping not to give offense but also make it clear that he was friendly and not a threat. Taking this opportunity to respond to both Isaac and Lia he cleared his throat lightly then spoke loud enough to be heard. " I am Benjamin Winston Pain. Ben works though."
"Mmmmm..." she sighed, as she shook the goblins hand. "My brother's name was Benjamin." she replied to him, pulling down her mask. It wasn't very decayed, but it wasnt as if she retained all her beuty in undeat, she simply looked like that 3rd or 4th choice kind of girl. her skin was a pale blue, and there was a scar on her left cheek. she had long night blue hair. Her eyelashes fluttered, and she winked at the goblin. "I am such a hopeless flirt." she laughed. "nobody said i HAD to be dark after dying twice." she sighed, and saw her beer resting on the counter. she took a drink. "Now thats a problem with undeath... you can't get drunk. she sighed.

"Well what are you doing out in the desert, i personally can't stand the place. she stood off of the stool, and let the ever growing pile of snow melt, than she re-took her seat.
"Well, thanks anyway. We wouldn't have taken Cho'gall down if we were smashed flat before hand." The goblin gave a weary chuckle.
Isaac stared at the woman, blushing slightly before regaining his composure. "Well, since the Fall of Deathwing, I figured I needed some time to kick back. Especially when you have a buffoon for a 'warchief.'" He said the last word with a bitter tone. Garrosh did practically nothing regarding the last assault on Deathwing. "Sorry, my mistake. Just a bit of an old wound opening up."
*RP name is Benjamin Pain*

Noting Isaacs distain for Garrosh Ben smiled a small smile. " I take it Garrosh has rubbed you wrong." At this point he beginning to make small chit chat, just simply trying to keep a conversation floating. Speaking to Lia he said " Me personally I'm looking to build a place, I was birthed in Redridge but spent my whole life in Gadgetzan." Grabbing his mug he pointed at an empty chair at Isaacs table. "Mind if I join you?"
she smiled a small smile. "anyone specific you want to build it with?" she instantly knew she had gone too far since he decided to move to another table. if dead people could blush, she probably would have. "I can't stand the desert, its to hot for a woman such as i." her hand froze in an ice block, but the ice simply melted to show her point. she sighed and shook her head. "But when you have to do something, you have to do it..." she looked into the distance, as if pondering how she could make it cold here.

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