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((What desert is this set in anyway? I've been pondering that since I first posted))
"You don't know half of it... first he tells me I can't communicate with my worgen nephew anymore, then he wastes half our fleet on the way to the highlands. He couldn't lead a horse to water, let alone make him drink any." Isaac took a sip of his drink before continuing. "I tell ya, one of these days he's gonna be royally dethroned in the worst way possible."
He noticed Lia staring at nothing in particular. "Something the matter, ma'am?"
*RP name is Benjamin Pain*

Taking up his axe and shield Ben shuffled to Isaacs table, setting his stuff down he pulled a chair out for Lia before seating himself. Still unsure how Isaac would react to him sitting and not even know if Lia would sit. Ben had the tendancy to jump the gun at times. Speaking to Lia as he pulled his chair in, " I plan to build a training hall, a family is not in my future. I lost the ability to procreate some years back due to some very angry orcs arrow." Hearing Isaacs story he nodded. " I've never met Garrosh, only heard stories..he seems a little to edgy like he is up to something." Taking a sip of beer he looked at his mug then stared at Lia, taking in her all her features and engraving her figure into his memory.
Isaac gave a humorless chuckle. "Edgy is an understatement in Garrosh's case."
Lia stood up and shuffled over to the chair ben pulled out for her, and she smiled. "I lost the ablility to procreate to... some side effect thing from undeath... i know rediculous." she retreated her smile at the name of garrosh. "Bastard." she mumbled, one of the few times she will ever slip her tounge to something harsh and rude. "He killed my only familly that still liked me.... my brother. and she sighed and closed her eyes. she forced herself not to cry, the tear glands, one of the only organs of her that still worked.
"HEY HEY HEY" Mama (the barwoman) said as Lia was getting loud with Ben, "you better get gabbing or get going". Mama didn't particularly care for Forsaken, and she thought the stench of them was unbearable, so if she could get rid of it the sooner the better. Lia just sat back down and was didn't speak again. It was a rather slow day for Mama at the tavern, and she was just hoping that everyone would hurry up and leave, so that she could close the tavern. When she was serving some Nethergarde Bitter to Ben, a young murloc walked into the tavern. Mama knew the murloc and her name was Izzy. Izzy was a very naive murloc, however she loved to get drunk. Izzy was getting drunk as usual, and she demanded that Ben be her boyfriend, but he refused (I don't know why Izzy is very cute), and so she had gotten very upset and Mama slipped Ben some noggenfoggers in his drink, trying to get him small enough for Izzy to secretly take away.
Ben would of patted Lia as a means to attempt to comfort her but he was not sure if it would of been wanted. He sat silent for a minute then spoke. " One day he will get what is coming." Taking the last swallow of beer from his mug he replaced it on the table then lifted his axe. " Some one may even decide to laden me with coin to make an attempt." Looking around for a barkeep Ben would order another beer and a few rounds for Isaac and Lia. " Till then lets share a drink."
((Sorry Mama, Murlocs arent my type : ) ))
Isaac noticed Lia's reaction from his mentioning Garrosh. Taking her hand into his own, he said, "Hey, don't cry. I'm sure we'll find a way to dethrone that big brown oaf. You have my word."
Lia, gave a brave face. "I'm not particvullarly upset, im just... well pissed off at the idiot." she said. Two more forsaken then entered the bar. One of them was wearing all black, only exposing a little strip of rotted skin and the eyes, and his join bones. two flintlock pistols hung on his thighs, and two large guns, one with a scope, and one lacking thereof, across his back. two long wicked daggers were strapped to his boots, and wials of poision draped his waist. he had a long black cape that dragged on the ground. the other wore a simple black robe and cowl that oozed green fluid. a scythe made of bones hung on his back.

"Hey Lia, what are you doin with these chumps?" the robed one asked. he snorted at the smell of mhuman. "You don't happed to be gilnean do you?" he asked.
Isaac stared hard at the new arrivals. He kept his other hand on his rifle, just in case all hell broke loose.
"And you are...?" he asked, noting that they seemed particularly aggressive towards Benjamin.
the one loaded with weapons noticed the goblin reach for his gun, and thus he wrapped his hands around his two flint lock pistold. He mumbled something and the little robot beside him translated "My name is Garret bennadict. Loosen your gun, i'll loosen mine and you can call me blackarrow."

"Don't mind him, he's got some factional issues." the robbed one exclaimed. "I'm moldeye Jenkins, and i work primarilly on rage and fel energy!" he said a little too enthusiastically, jutting his arm out to shake Torquebarrel's hand, while blackarrow, loosened his left hand, and stuck it out to shake hands with Ben.
Silence befell Ben as he lowered his axe as he rose to his feet to shake Blackarrows hand. His muscles ripe with a prepared tensity as if he was ready to strike if this meeting came to blows. Gilnean..this question must of been aimed at him. It had to of been, he was the only human present that was partied to the conversation. "Closest I can say I am to Gilnean is having stood behind one in a line at a blacksmiths so I could get my armor repaired" Giving Garret a nod to acknowledge him he would then sit in a few minutes once he felt sure that this encounter would not turn sour.
Flem burst through the tavern accompanied by her faithful yet sassy shivarra, Dalrezza. "Arrest that gnome!" she shouted, ordering Dalrezza to shoot a rainbow of seduction at Mama. "She is wanted for war crimes against the Tauren! She must be brought back to Thunderbluff to await trial for the murder of Baine Bloodhoof. All the faithful and honest people in this bar should assist in this effort for the sake of all that is right!" Flem, an honest and true gnome, held up an order of arrest for the gnome criminal Mama Little.
Isaac just about fell out of his chair when Flamingo burst into the tavern. His finger must have pulled the trigger on his gun, because there was a loud BLAM! sound and a hole in the wall formed. One of the male forsaken almost got caught in the shot, but he narrowly dodged it in time.
"WHAT THE CRAP!?" Isaac blurted, bewildered.
blackarrow instantly jerked his two pistols out and aimed them both steadilly at the goblin. the robot buzzed "Trying to take my head off eh? I knew i couldn't trust you horde."

"Hold it!" Lia shouted, and everyone usually listened to her, no matter what was going on. "What in Sylvannas' name is going on here?" She cried out. the ice started to grow more and more around her feet, as it did when she gets agitated or nervous, and right now she was feeling both, so it was working overtime.
"Whoa, whoa! TIME OUT!" Isaac cried, scrambling to get up. "That wasn't meant for you, mate!"
He noticed ice appearing around Lia's feet. "Uh-oh... that might not be good..." he whispered.
Ben used the few seconds of confusing calamity to take up his shield and axe, taking a few long steps backwards to create distance between himself and all of the group. Not knowing which direction to take in this quarrel he opted for self defense. Shield raised just enough to cover his vital organs but exposing enough head to see and defend. Mumbling alittle to himself " What kind of mess am I running into now." His gaze wandering the room to near everyone, watching for any sign of ill intent..the first to show it would be the first of his targets.
Two yellow glowing eyes opened up, and a loud, roar-like yawn could be heard. Slowly, a large, lion-like cat walked out from behind a booth seat. As the cat emerged from the darkness, it became a horrible, snarling, grumpy worgen. "Oi, can't a worgen get a moment's peace around 'ere?" The worgen's deep, scratchy voice boomed with a thick Gilnean accent. The worgen, known as Sylvera, quickly became a cat again and laid down in the middle of the floor, not caring if anyone stepped on her tail any more, just wanting to rest after a long day of travel.

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