Your DK Transmog?

Death Knight
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I was wondering if anyone would be willing to show me their transmog. I'm looking for good ideas of cool looking transmog that kind of stands out. You can either link gear you think looks cool or just show your transmog in the thread. Feel free to rate the xmog above yours :D
icyveins has a good visual list of sets as well as individual item models by type.

Season 12 Malev is also one of my favorite sets so far.
I think 25 man Tier 7 (which is what I am wearing) looks the best for DKs.
Holy !@#$ that is sexy as hell lol thank you for showing your transmog Pti <3 ;D
< old school pvp smog, smooth and clean

although, your set isn't bad either... just want to stand out more?
Its tough to say what transmog is nice, A lot of the good stuff is in older content 10-25 man raids that you need to get a group for. There are a lot of things I wish I could get from 25 man ICC and 10 ulduar
Get on my Level y'all, Scourgelord ftw!
I like my set, It matches my ground and flying mount! =D
I'm super unoriginal and went with this set. Still trying to get a Tabard of the Lightbringer to finish it off. I also normally use Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful as well but the axe is new so I'm letting it sit unchanged for a while.
I went with this set, i do not have all of it, but yeah
Blue/Red Scourgelord & Lich Lord are the best Dk looking sets IMHO.
Here's a classic red one.


With a name like Ichigo I expected you to look more like this.
I went for a trampish looki.

I enjoy the Challenge Mode set with a touch of wh0re island!
Wish I had my PvP armor set on right now >:(
My xmog o.o

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