Your DK Transmog?

Death Knight
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Best one is the molten armor set.
I gathered the whole Exalted Battleplate set. Its my Scorpion set. There are a few variations that can go and make some other varieties.

Black and Grey - Noob Saibot
Cant go wrong the classic set. :)

I agree, I like mine alot and its easy to get if you lose your old stuff.
<- Samurai theme. If you can wear a helm but not look absurdly stupid (read: you aren't a Troll), top it off with the Replica Shado-Pan Helm.
Still working on mine :p
I'm a fan of plate dresses.
I really like mine.

I stumbled across the chest piece and wanted to build a transmog around it. I browsed through the addon "Mogit", built a set, and then farmed for the pieces. :D

Most are from old raids, with a crafted piece I do believe, and few random drops from here and there.
I switch between this light blue version, as well as the red/brown, and gold/blue versions of the DK starter set.
My xmog
DK + Purple = Win
One of a few I have used. A little Christmas-y, but nice.
I like mine :D
I still haven't figured out what to call this set

Sha touched?
Dark death?
Noob saibot? ;)
Sha touched works awesome man.
oldy but a goody imp... although my fav is ulduar10 off set plate, the red one....but im too lazy to do ulduar 10

Mines simple but matches.. Especially if your unholy
Found the helm, shoulders, belt and chest in the bank last night and paired it with DK starter blues until I can go get a decent set.
Edit - These eyebrows cannot be contained!
I like mine. Lucked into some of the pieces so I kept going.

Working on the Justicar set too. Trying to decide if I was a warrior or a pally before I died and got brought back.
Mine. The Armory totally messes up my armor though. No fair.

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