Your DK Transmog?

Death Knight
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Mine is a work in progress... curretly missing Helm.
Mine. The Armory totally messes up my armor though. No fair.

No way your still look crazy cool
Im not sure if your gonna slice me in half or just charge me down with those horns
did aq40 for lols got these shoulders, now i look like a firetruck
i like mine....just need to find a diffrent weapon
check out mine i love it
check out mine i love it

I personally prefer the 25m grey/red recolor.
Here's mine

I haven't changed this toon's transmog in forever and I never plan to. I enjoy looking gold and sparkly. Tee hee.
Love my set, Bloodknight look.
mines kind of a stereotypical not so classy blood elf.. i dont deny it. oh the enchants dont show on the armory, this sword glows purple and hides enchants.
Mine is mostly made of the gear you can buy at the Ebon Hold, but I think it's very fitting for a death knight.
i like mine, but i need a better weapon mog.
I really want to just go orc on my dk now thanks to Pti, and the fact ally can't even get edge of agony, coolest sword in-game next to armageddon ><
Best DK Worgen Xmog possible right here
Simple plate transmog reporting in!
I like basic transmogs. You can buy most dk ones in dalaran with jp.
< imo :D
This is mine, nothing too over the top.
mine is just old tier gear, so its not really impressive...

man it feels badass to play though :P

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