Forgotten Depths LFR

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Yea i think it might be on daily reset. if not blizzard has some explaining to do, they could have atleast posted news of a delay :(
Was looking forward to this Blizzard, where is it? :(
03/16/2013 09:08 PMPosted by Cadet
just saying, I hope they are true to their word of faster content patches :p

They say 5.3, while it doesn't have a new raid, is already well on its way. New raid's with 5.4, which they haven't hinted at the time table for.

And then there's a rumor of a 5.5. We have no idea what that would herald. c:

Ssssh, keep 5.6 on the down though.
Also, raid open now, if you're not following another thread.~
I can't queue for Forgotten Depths LFR, 3 or 4 days have passed since it was said to be released (March 19). It says I don't have the necessary achievement yet.. hmm..
According to the Armory, you don't have the achievement yet. You must have missed a boss somewhere.

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