[10M] LF2M for 5.2 - 2 night raid week

Reincarnation is looking for a tank/dps and a healer for our 10 man raid. Raid times are Tues & Weds, 7:45p - 10:30p.

Tank/DPS: Blood/DPS DK - generally, a plate wearer preferred
Healer: Holy Pally > Sham > Druid

We try to make it so there is not much gear competition, but if you are a good tank/healer of any class and are interested - please let us know.

*We have a good mix for loot distribution and all drops are free roll MS > OS.* Guild supplies consumables for raids, and we are pretty good about chipping in for enchants/gems.

Reincarnation is a laid back, small guild - but we do like to progress and are looking for players who can maintain good attendance.

If you are interested, please in game mail or /w:

Doomflounder - GM
Sloe / Asheby

Whelp - anyone in the guild, really.

Either myself or Doom will be in contact, Elíka. Are you and your friend planning on realm transferring to Stormrage? We usually just do a couple runs with folks by way of a mutual 'trial/application'.

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