A Wing to Fly On-Thunder Isle Dailey stinks

Anybody else find this quest annoying. Hard to find one of the hatchlings and everyone is looking for them plus trying to dodge all the creatures including elite devilsaurs........
You can find a spot where they land and just wait for them. Or chase after them like I do.
Time for me to pull something out of my bag of secret tricks!

You can bind a key to "interact with target" in the key bindings. What this does is, instead of having to right click on a mob to interact with it (get a quest, start attack, whatever) you can simply hit the key binding instead.

So what I do here is, spam "/tar wild" until I get it targeted, chase it down until it lands, and then hit the key binding for "interact with target". I pick it up and don't even dismount.

This is also quite useful for interacting with, say, a quest NPC that six million people are parked on top of.
i do it in the morning when most alliance/horde are asleep. i wait then when i see one i follow and click on it.

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