[A] Priest LF Raiding Spot

500 Priest LF Raiding position,
Thursday/Friday nights 6pm-12pm (Server Time)
Happy to do older raids HoF/ToES

497 Holy Set with 4 Piece
496 Shadow Set with 2 Piece
600 Tailoring/Enchanting

Raid Experience:
6/6H MSV
3/6H HOF
4/4 Elite TOES
12/12 TOT

[Will not faction change]
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Hi there,

We are Alliance Barthilas Singaporean Guild. +8GMT

We raid 8.30pm to 12.00am Wed Thu Mon


Please pst Lúnar or Excerion or Battletank or Icypunda in game for more information
Sorry I already raid around those times Sun/Mon/Wed
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