[A]10man casual raid group recruiting!

Reprieve is starting a 10m casual group to head into Throne of Thunder! Currently I am in need of everything. 2 healers (1 with good dps offspec), 2 tanks, 2 melee. We currently have a resto druid, shadow priest, and warlock. Raid times are going to be tuesday and wednesday 7-10 or 11 OR 8-11 or 12 pending on best time availabilities for the group. I am currently looking for 490+ ilvl players but i will accept 485+. Looking to start next tuesday if i can get the group make up for it and we may take our 1st week into T14 raids to get a feel on working together and see if there are any players that will need replaced due to lack of knowledge and/or performance. Even though this is a casual group I am looking to make good normal progression and hopefully jump into some heroic content down the line. Please post on here if interested or if you have questions or you can mail me or whisper me in game. Thank you!

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