500 ilvl rogue looking for 10 man raid team

I am a 500 ilvl rogue looking for any 10 man raid team, progression is important to me but as long as we are downing bosses I am fine with that. I am currently the guild leader of my own guild so preferably being able to raid without joining the guild would be a bonus, though if i have to move guilds it is not a HUGE issue, i am available fornights raids 6pm server time any day but preferably late night raiding on wednesday and thursday work best. im not a "hardore" raider, but i will do my part, watch videos and learn fights as best as possible before hand etc.

Any raids would be welcome, i have no problem joining a new raid team starting with MSV and no problem with going for some of the more up to date raiding teams, please respond ASAP as i would really like to begin raiding within the shortest possible time :) thank you
Hey message me in game plz
Incarnated give me a shout ingame or you can apply at www.malimpraedari.com


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