Boomkin lf 25man raiding guild

489 atm, will get higher soon... 16/16 4/6H last tier on my mage ( and i didnt raid for about the last 7 weeks of tier b/c of problems in guild )

Mail in-game or reply here. Thanks
Immortalis is looking for a skilled Boomkin and I wouldn't mind another chicken friend! Check us out on our website and submit an application!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Raid times: Sunday - Wednesday 10pm-1am EST
apply at
currently 4rth on server in 25 man progression.
We also have 0 druids in our raiding team

you can whisper cobaro, woglinde, or emeril in game.

Impulse (H) on the server Zul’jin is looking to fill a few spots for our 25man Roster. We have been on the Zul’jin sever since 2011 and a few of us have been together since BC. We are an adult oriented guild and a main progression focus. We enjoy raiding but also enjoy the social aspects the game brings.

Our raid days and times are 7:30-10:30pm Server (EST) Wed & Thurs nights with an optional Monday night run.

If this sounds like it could work for you please check us out at our website: http// and Apply. Or feel free to Contact me in-game via Battle net Pete#1756 if you have any questions
If you are considering 10 mans...we are in the market to fill our swing healer spot in our 10 man raid team with a resto/boomkin druid. We raid on Friday & Saturday nights from 8-11 pm CST. We are made up of predominantly 25-35 year old raiders with lots of raid experience over the years. You can learn more about us at our guild website at Please contact our guild recruitment officer, Ladeedaa, at Immoralsoul#1564 for more information. Thanks & good luck with your search!
We are a friendly and mature group of players looking for a few good raiders!! We would expect you to have all raid required addons, Ventrilo/Mic - and communicate during fights, know and play your class well, good attendance and raid awareness, research fights before hand, etc.
And a good attitude and sense of humor. Also must be 18+

We raid Tues. / Thurs. 7:30-11pm EST
current progression: 3/12

We are looking for:
~Prot Pally or Druid Tank
~Shadow Priest
~casual players are always welcome!! = )

if anyone would be interested you could apply at:
or you could add Halfstoned - halfstoned#1368, Myself - Zulie#1134, or klubfoot - spyderguy0#1201
you could also contact Halfstoned, Extremevette, Fizixx, Klubfoot in game.

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