Maladath, poor maladath!

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So I have my mainhand weapon transmogged to Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight but my avatar shows me holding nothing. I thought it may be a transmog issue, so I equiped the "natural" Maladath, logged out, updated the armory, still nothing.

Why oh why do you hate poor Maladath?!
I've been logging out with it equiped for over a week now. I've also swapped out other gear and everything else I've put on updates almost instantly here. Except my Maladath transmog.
I have the same issue, i wanna see my Maladath on the armory :o
Maladath transmogs are still not showing up in the armory pose. I know I'm not the only one with this issue, I just hope it is being worked on or at least looked into.
I think they are looking into it and other transmog anomalies. The Cenarian spaulders transmog does not show up in the armory either and they said they were looking into it a couple of weeks ago.
Five weeks from this post (there are several older) and people still can't see several shoulders, weapons, and hair. We used to be told this was getting looked into, now that has even fallen silent.
Over two months now, and Maladath transmogs are still not showing up. Hope to get this added to the new blue sticky.

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